Full Seminar Calendar

Keep checking back on this page for new seminars added to our calendar. Click on the images to register your attendance.  

Calendar of Upcoming Events:

22 June: Themba Chakela, Transnet – Culture and Employee Experience in Coronial Times 

19 August: Kevashini Govender-Naidoo & Ayesha Booley-Schreuder – Difference: Why don’t we just talk about it?

Slots still to be filled in 2021

15 July
28 September (tentatively booked)
26 October
18 November

CPD Points Per Seminar:

Attendance on Zoom is recorded by the software – we are able to see the time you log on and log off. This is a wonderful report that allows for accurate and reliable reporting for the various Councils.

Our Seminars are 90 minutes in duration, attendees are to be online for a minimum of 1 hour to receive the CPD Points allocated. 

1 CPD Point per Seminar will be awarded to attendees

1 CPD Point per Seminar will be awarded to attendees
EAPA-SA has launched our own CPD Points that will become a pre-requisite for Membership renewals in 2021.
EAPA-SA CPD Points are recognised by the HPCSA. HPCSA will convert your CPD Points to CEUs where the content of the seminar is relevant to your profession.

An application has been submitted to SANC for recognition of the EAPA-SA CPD points and we are awaiting the outcome.

Previous Seminars

If you missed these events and would like to see the content, please click the image below to sign up for a re-broadcast. Once enough members have requested a re-broadcast, we will flight the content again. 

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