Dr. Barbara Louw | EAPA-SA

When bullying and cyberbullying creates havoc at work

Friday 11 September 10am – 11:30am

Content Focus Area: Digital has gone viral: EAP implications for the rapid uptake of digital technology among workers over the national lockdown


Presentation Abstract: Bullying is a complex issue at work and can be physical, verbal, and indirect or relational. Physical aggression includes hitting, kicking, punching, taking or damaging belongings. Verbal aggression includes teasing, taunting, threatening. Cyberbullying is the latest mode of abuse in which the aggression occurs through modern technological devices, and specifically mobile phones or the internet. Employee assistance practitioners have to intervene, counsel and socially educate people who display bullying behaviour as well as the victims and bystanders. In this session you will get guidance on where to start to deal with bullying in all its forms. Change of attitude goals include recognizing the effects of bullying and victimization, as well as the role of colleagues in the workplace wellbeing. Their role as far as recognizing bullying, suicidal ideation and other types of aggressive behaviour, as well as proposing appropriate interventions. Skills goals include awareness of victim vulnerability, deviant behaviours and presenting practical interventions to defuse the problem in the context of work. The session will offer practical examples and suggestions on how to deal with various situations.


Learning Objectives:

1. At the end of the session participants should be able to identify types and frequency of bullying, role players and warning signs in the workplace and the community.

2. Participant will be able to recognise the effects of bullying and victimization, as well as the role of colleagues in the wellbeing process.

3. The participant will have greater awareness of victim vulnerability, deviant behaviours and practical interventions to defuse the problem saturated situations presented in the context of work.

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Dr. Barbara Louw

Dr. Barbara Louw

Aquilla Wellness Solutions


Dr Barbara Louw’s postgraduate studies included an investigation of the use narrative therapy with victims of sexual violations, posttraumatic embitterment reaction in wellness and folk medicine. She just finalised postdoctoral research on dealing with bullying and cyberbullying. She is a renowned author, speaker, training facilitator and compiler of online workshops.

In her practice, she helps people to put trauma behind them and to grow towards wellness through wholeness. The original ‘Stop Bullying’ project was aimed at helping children to handle taunting and shoving at school. As she assisted this family, more people came forward requesting help for bullying in the workplace. Nowadays bullying and cyberbullying go hand-in-hand.

Dr. Louw expanded the ‘Stop Bullying’ project to two online workshop that are now accredited by the professional bodies for educators and counsellors. In her quest to present assistance that is well ground in practice and theory she just completed a postdoctoral research project on the topic of dealing with bullying and cyberbullying. She believes that this presentation will make a positive difference to the work done by the employee assistance practitioners and will enable them to deal with the painful experiences of colleagues and co-workers.

Recent speaking experiences:

  1. The EAPA-SA and Pan-African Eduweek, 20th Anniversary Conference 2018: Culturally sensitive and wholistic EAP approaches. Port Elizabeth Experience
  2. 3rd Annual Women HR, Learning & Organizational Development Summit 2018: Work & Wellness for Female Leaders – Integrating Your Work, Wellness & Home Life. Sandton Experience
  3. Women in Procurement and Supply Chain Summit 2018: Workplace Wellness: Key Issues for Female Leaders. Sandton