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Culture and Employee Experience in Coronial Times

Tuesday 22 June 2021: 10am – 12pm

Content Focus Area: How has the workplace changed in unforeseen ways?


Presentation Abstract:

The “people” function has the responsibility to support and facilitate the development, review and institutionalisation of best-in-class ways of working across an organisations operations, commercial engagements and business enablement functions. As the world shifted so did the “how” and “what” needs. The organisational and market demands remained the same, increased and in some instances dropped as organisations scrambled to pivot. The “people” function’s mandate to amplify and enhance the Company’s competitiveness, efficiency and effectiveness remains.

The discussion will focus on the impact that the times we’re in have impacted Culture and Employee Experience in terms of existing norms and experiences as well as how they impact the journey to pivot and enhance them. During the conversation we will explore how these coronial times have impacted the constituent parts that make up these two key “people” areas.

Exploring culture as a lever for change that promotes integration, motivation and performance will form the core of the discussion. Adaptive organisational culture must be supported by an ethos of inclusiveness, integration, respect, drive and high performance. I will explore this through the lens of organisational:
• Heroes and legends
• Stories
• Values
• Artefacts
• Norms
• Rituals

In terms of how these have shifted in the pandemic interrupted world of work and the bearing it has on post (COVID) pandemic world of work.

The employee experience directly impacts, drives and fuels employer brand and employee value proposition. The direct impact is on the organisations ability to attract, retain and grow key talent and critical skills. I will look at employee experience from the employee perspective as a/an:
• Individual self-concept (me, myself and I)
• Employee
• Team member
• Manager
• Leader
along with the influence the current context has had on how they experience the organisation from a people, process (,policy and procedure), knowledge (data) and systems perspective. It follows that Culture and Employee experience have a direct relationship and dependency on each other and the session will explore this relationship by surfacing practical instances of overlap and impact.


Learning Objectives:

A practical understanding and appreciation of Culture and Employee experience and it’s impact on organisational transformation.

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Mr Themba Chakela

Mr Themba Chakela

General Manager, Ways of working @ Transnet SOC Ltd.

Themba Chakela has 18 years “People” experience. His roles have ranged from tactical delivery, strategic planning, capability creation and organisational effectiveness advisory. Themba’s personal goal is to become a recognised global authority on optimising organisational effectiveness through people interventions.

His specialties: OCM , People Strategy, Digital alignment, Leadership alignment, Communication, Stakeholder engagement and management, Change Tracking, Strategic, Strategic Human Resource Management.

Speaking Experience:

  1. Speaker at multiple Disrupt HR Jozi event, – 200 people
  2. Presented at Knowledge Resources conference, 2018, Generational Theory 150 people
  3. HR Works conference, 2018 (booked for 2021), AI as augmented intelligence, 150 people