Shégan Issari: Breath – An ancient practice – A lost art – A renewed science – A new hope | EAPA-SA

Breath – An ancient practice – A lost art – A renewed science – A new hope

Friday 26 March 2021: 10am – 12pm

Content Focus Area: Discovering integral breathwork as a healing modality and effective treatment for anxiety, depression, burnout, etc.


Presentation Abstract: The COVID19 pandemic has been a truly disruptive force that is unprecedented in human history. The impacts of the pandemic is a truly global and world-centric challenge that has implications for individuals in all nations. It has led to an undeniable mental health pandemic that is almost of equal scale in devastation – more and more people falling into depression, anxiety, and burnout on a daily basis. This challenge has forced us to go within, to find innovative solutions, to discover our own healing, and to become a source of healing for others through empowered, practical, actionable, and accessible healing techniques. Shégan Lee Issari, an integrative health & wellness specialist will be delivering a webinar with a surprisingly simple yet effective antidote to the mental health crisis derived from COVID19 – Breathwork.

Breathwork, Pranayama, Qigong – many names pertaining to one particular ethos. An ancient practice that has been used for thousands of years across ancient civilizations and holds, to this day, to be one of the most simple yet effective and engaging practices for completely invigorating one’s immunology and biochemistry.

In this webinar, Shégan will explore COVID19 as a significant context that invites us to go deeper to unlock and activate our potential. He will introduce all participants to the fundamental pillars of respiratory health as an integral to understanding the role of breathwork in wellness. He will provide all participants with a guided meditation and breathwork session which will include Coherent Resonance (HRV) breathing, as well as circular breathing (WHM). Shégan’s presentation will include some of the cutting edge research that has been published internationally to support the case for breathwork as one of the most effective modalities in the treatment of depression, anxiety, burn-out, as well as other psychophysiological challenges.


Learning Objectives:

1 – Participants will be able to understand principles of effective respiratory engagement.
2 – Participants will be able to perform a combination of coherent (heart-rate variability) and circular breathing patterns.
3 – Participants will discover a simple and effective way of using breath-work to support clients or patients.

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Mr. Shégan Lee Issari

Mr. Shégan Lee Issari

Integrative Holistic Health & Wellness Specialist

Unprecedented global challenges invite us to utilize an ecology of health and wellness strategies to optimize our mind, body, and spirit. Breath-work, a lost art, a rediscovered science, and a new hope which invites us to take back our health through efficient and empowering techniques. Join us in this explorative and engaging webinar to discover the science behind breath-work, engage in a guided meditation and breath-work session, and begin unleash your highest potential moving into 2021.

Speaking Experience:

  1. Rethinking 21st century economics and redefining externalities – IMD Business School
  2. Breath work & Qigong – Ancient & Contemporary Approaches to Chinese alternative healing -EF, Education First (Tianjin)
  3. The Stress Connection – Understanding the role and prevention of chronic stress in the 21st century – Business School Lausanne