Mrs Sorika de Swardt: How Lockdown moved addiction online? | EAPA-SA

How Lockdown moved addiction online?

Friday 07 May 2021: 10am – 12pm

Content Focus Area: How has the workplace changed in unforeseen ways?


Presentation Abstract:

With so many countries under strict levels of lockdown, and South Africa being one of the strictest in the world, one would think there is now an opportunity for self-care, family connection and personal and professional growth opportunities, albeit online much of the time.

It seems the opposite happened for most people. Whenever trauma hits us, (and COVID and lockdown is mayor personal and collective trauma), we want to escape the pain, seek pleasure and we increasingly yearn for meaningful connection. But. you cannot leave the house to go to the park, church, gymnasium, do your work in a way that feels meaningful or even visit family and friends. What to do?

That is where the internet played it’s part. What would we have done without it? But the other side of the token is that all addictions have increased disproportionately. Compulsive online shopping, online gaming, gambling, online trading, pornography, sex addiction, digital addiction, and yes, even exercise and work addition are all at their tipping points. What is even more surprising for some is that prohibition did not work. More people in the world smoked, used alcohol and used other substances throughout lockdown and continues to do so.

At some point, or at various points in the future, this scenario will repeat. How did it change the workplace, the safe space that was supposed to be home, the healthy activities that now became additions or compulsive pacifiers? And where to going forward.


Learning Objectives:

  1. To bring awareness to attendees of the current situation worldwide in regard to addiction moving online.
  2. To bring knowledge to attendees about the impact this will likely have in the workplace if not addressed thoroughly.
  3. To reflect on the development of this phenomena and to think about practical ways of dealing with aal the different addictions that moved online during the COVID pandemic

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Mrs Sorika de Swardt

Mrs Sorika de Swardt

Specialized Social Worker @ Private Practice

Sorika de Swardt is a frequent speaker on radio and television and contributed to many articles for magazines and newspapers. She has a long training history both nationally and internationally. More recently she underwent six World Health Organization training courses regarding the management of COVID-19. To keep her feet firmly grounded in the realities of practice with clients she continues to render services to all ages in a variety of settings, countries and on different platforms.

Speaking Experience:

  1. Annual EAPA conferences – 2018: Process addictions 2018
  2. Annual EAPA conferences – 2019: Managing Toxic relatiponships in the workplace
  3. Annual Rehab summit 2020 – Substance abuse in older persons