EAPASA Profile

  1. Vision

1.1. EAPA-SA is innovative in ensuring excellence in Employee Assistance Programmes in South Africa.

  1. Mission

2.1. EAPA-SA ensures the highest professional standards and ethics and continued development of the employee assistance professionals, practitioners and service providers in the delivery of EA programmes.


  1. Values

3.1 Innovation: To remain and continue to enhance the standards and trends of the profession;

 3.2 Leadership: Lead the field by demonstrated achievements;

3.3 Mentorship: Support practitioners and professionals;

3.4 Development: Enhance the development of individuals and organisations;

3.5 Transformation: To support, and promote black economic empowerment and equity within the profession.


  1. History and overview

The EAP Association (EAPA) is the largest, oldest and most respected Professional Association for persons in the Employee Assistance Programme field. EAPA represents more than 3500 individuals and organisations with an interest in Employee Assistance across 40 countries.

EAPA-SA was created as a Branch of EAPA International in 1997 and is committed to the following objectives:

4.1. To provide leadership in promoting the national and regional growth and development of EAPs in both the public and private sector workplaces;

4.2. To continuously improve EAPA-SA’s organisational structure and resources to pursue its Vision, achieve it Mission and fully satisfy the needs of its members;

4.3. To provide resources for fostering national and regional initiatives that enhances the value and impact of EAPs;

4.4. To devise and maintain EAPs and EAP Professional/ Practitioners standards;

4.5. To administer the Code of Ethics and complaints procedure for EAPA-SA members;

4.6. To provide regular opportunities for EAP Professionals and Practitioners to network and jointly contribute to the successful development of employee and organisational programmes;

4.7. To affiliate with South African national initiatives as this embraces the furtherance of the broader EAP objectives;

4.8. To promote awareness and recognition of Employee Assistance Service Benefits;

4.9. To organise and promote research in the EAP field;

4.10 To promote effective and efficient professional training of relevant professionals.


  1. Products

5.1. Continuing Professional development

5.2. Regulation of EAP including the conduct and practice

5.3 Development and maintenance of EAPA-SA Standards

5.4 Administer membership

5.5 Networking

5.6 Represent the interest of the EA profession and the end-users


  1. Board Portfolios and Staff members:


    6.1 President

    6.2 President Elect

    6.3 Immediate Past President

    6.4 Governance

6.4.1 Code of Ethics

6.4.2 EAPA-SA Standards

6.4.3 Constitution

6.4.4 By-laws



   6.5 Membership

6.5.1 Individual EAP practitioners and professionals designations accredited by SAQA

6.5.2 Service providers EAP service providers

6.5.3 EAP related Service providers not rendering direct EAP services


6.6 Finance

6.7 Event management and conferencing

6.8 Education

6.9 Marketing

6.10 Admin officer

6.11 Office Manager


  1. Existing Chapters

    7.1 Egoli Chapter

    7.2 Free State Chapter

    7.3 Ikhala Chapter

    7.4 Jacaranda Chapter

    7.5 KwaZulu Natal Chapter

    7.6 Limpopo Chapter

    7.7 Nelson Mandela Bay Chapter

    7.8 Western Cape Chapter

    7.9 Platinum Chapter (North West)

    7.10 Place of the Rising Sun (Mpumalanga)



  1. Achievements

8.1. Membership base of about 500 individual members and 21 service providers

8.2. Influenced the development of the Employee Health and Wellness framework for the public sector in South Africa

8.3. Contribution to the development of EAP unit standards

8.4. Official opening of the EAPA-SA offices

8.5. Unqualified audits

8.6. Successfully hosted 21 National conferences

8.6.1 Recognition of outstanding Chapter of the year

8.6.2 Recognition of outstanding practitioner of the year

8.6.3 Recognition of outstanding board member of the year

8.6.4 Presidential award – outstanding contribution to the profession

8.6.5 Hosted international speakers to provide a global/international perspective of EAP.


8.7 International recognition of our members

8.7.1 Affiliation to the International EAP association

8.7.2 Four awards for World EAP of the year

8.7.3 Fastest growing Branch of the year

8.7.4 Member presentation at the World EAP conference

8.7.5 Participation at the World research survey on EAP

8.7.6 Internationally recognised Standards of practice

8.7.7 Contribution to the international publication – EAP in SA by Paul R Maiden

8.8. EAP for Africa

Managing projects in Africa to initiate professional associations in those countries, funded by the international oil giant- Chevron and other sponsors with interest in Africa.


  1. Location and Contact details

Office Unit 106 Kingfischer Building
Hazel Dean Office Park
Silverlakes Road
Tijger Valley Extension
Tshwane 0081

South Africa

Contact No: (012) 346-4430