Dr Muna: Healthlife Wellness Maintenance: The Workplace Long Term Vaccines for Future Pandemics – a Lesson From Covid–19 | EAPA-SA

Healthlife Wellness Maintenance: The Workplace Long Term Vaccines for Future Pandemics – a Lesson From Covid–19

Tuesday 07 September 2021: 10am – 12pm

Content Focus Area: Lessons from the Pandemic frontline


Presentation Abstract:

There is one human physical state that is fundamental to human and national development. What is it? How much attention is given to it? There are three states in which human beings can be found or pass through. These are the Wellness state, the Sickness state, and the Death state. Of the three states the most important to employees and employers and for national development is the wellness state. Despite the importance of this state in nations and workplaces, the wellness state is the least known, spoken about, and money spent on by governments and companies. The Sickness state and the Death State are well known and most feared respectively. They both have nationally supported specific services, infrastructure, and trained specialists. This is not the case with the Wellness state.

According to MUNA Healthlife Institute, the relationship between these three states is that Wellness state is the normal and natural state. The sickness state is the “partial loss of the wellness state” while the Death state is the “complete loss of the wellness state”. Covid -19 pandemic has shed light on the above defined relationships of these three states showing clearly that individuals and workplaces where people spend most of their adult lives should be Healthlife Wellness Conscious in order to avoid being overwhelmed by future pandemics. This seminar will define what the Wellness state is, how it is lost (as demonstrated by Covid-19), and how to maintain it.

The seminar will bring frontline lessons from Covid -19 pandemic with a view of “Wellness Maintenance for All by 2030 in line with SDG 3”. The seminar topics will be as follows:

1. What is Healthlife Wellness? This topic will explore the understanding of the words health (WHO), Wellness (AIH), and Healthlife Wellness (MHI) to form the foundation for the appreciation of the Wellness state.

2. Healthlife Wellness Maintenance the message from Covid-19: This topic will draw lessons from Covid pandemic’s initial effects on human fatality showing the denominator of “wellness loss” as the all-encompassing risk factor. Healthlife Wellness Maintenance will be proposed as the long term vaccine for future pandemics that should be included in health promotion and disease treatment protocols

3. Healthlife Wellness Maintenance Practices for Workplaces: This Topic will describe the available, accessible and affordable universal Healthlife Wellness Maintenance Practices for Workplaces. Practical ways by which workplaces can encourage and promote these Healthlife Practices will be illustrate.


Learning Objectives:

At the end of the seminar the participants should be able:
1. To define Healthlife Wellness as a guide for service provision.
2. To understand the Need for Healthlife Wellness Maintenance as the message from Covid-19 pandemic.
3. To describe the universal Healthlife Wellness Maintenance Practices for individuals and Workplaces.

Our seminars are limited to 500 people.

If you do not manage to get into the seminar,

please watch the seminar live on our Facebook page.

Dr O. Muyabala Munachitombwe-Muna

Dr O. Muyabala Munachitombwe-Muna

Executive Director @MUNA Healthlife Consultancy

Dr Muna has been a Medical Doctor for 27 years. Dr Muna always ask himself what do his patients really want when they come to him? What do employers really want when they cover their employees on Medical Aid? A survey done in 2004 showed that 98% of respondents want wellness above treatment from sickness. 92% said they would pay for wellness services. This led him to register a MUNA Healthlife Consultancy to promote training and research in wellness. He now run a medical clinic, a Healthlife Wellness Center, and Healthlife Management Institute. With the HWC providing unique wellness assessment, education and counseling services while the HMI provides training and research in Wellness, he has developed a new body of knowledge in the health and wellness field. Dr is a PhD candidate in Healthlife Wellness. He presented part of this knowledge at EAPA-SA Eduweek in Port Elizabeth 2018.

Speaking Experience:

  1. Annual International Union on Lung Health 2012 Berlin, 2015 Accra, 2018 Mexico
  2. EAP SA Eduweek Convention 2018 Port Elizabeth, SA
  3. National Research Conferences in Eswatini 2014, 2016, and 2018 Mbabane, Eswatini