Dr. Marion Borcherds | EAPA-SA

Covid-19 Strategic Response Framework

Friday 23 October 2020: 10am – 11:30am

Content Focus Area: Futureshock: How has the workplace changed in unforeseen ways?


Presentation Abstract:

Covid-19 has been a humbling experience for many companies and has brought the awareness and insight that was also known to the Health and Wellness fraternity and that is that without healthy employees’ businesses cannot achieve their outcomes and make profits. Our people are thus our license to operate. This is a case study of the Transnet People Management response to COVID-19. The presentation presents a “Lines of defence strategic response framework” which was used for agile decision -making and still guides the approach for the ‘new normal” and for creating a resilient Transnet.

The focus will be on lessons learnt, the critical role that Health and wellness played and continues to play in the risk mitigation in relation to Covid-19. Some organizational and leadership insights will be shared. Examples of digital solutions and how the pandemic contributed to the rapid adoption of these solutions will be discussed. A Behavioral Model which underpinned a “Be Positive Campaign” will also be showcased. All of these elements combined to make a highly effective model and framework.

Learning Objectives:

1. Participants will learn about international and national legal frameworks that promote workplace health, safety and wellness.

2. Participants will learn how to use these legal frameworks to mainstream gender equality issues now and beyond lockdown in the workplace regardless of location.

3. Participants will learn how to champion conducive workplace environments that embrace gender equality, gender related roles, diversity and inclusion.

Dr. Marion Borcherds

Dr. Marion Borcherds



Dr. Marion Borcherds has worked within the field of Employee Assistance and Employee Wellness for many years, currently occupying the position at Transnet as the Group Acting GM: OH and Wellness as well as the Transnet Covid-19 Compliance Officer. She is a thought leader in the employee wellness space with her Doctoral thesis centering on Workplace Violence and Bullying. She has also worked in academia and private and her expertise in mental health and gender and reproductive health is worthy of noting. Dr. Borcherds is a regular speaker at local conferences on various Employee Wellness related topics and she is currently serving her third term of office on the EAPA-SA Board.

Speaking Experience

  1. Event: EAP International Conference
    Date and Venue: October 2006, Nashville, Tennessee. 
    Topic: The Status of EAPs in South Africa”.
    Audience: 1000+
  2. Event: EAPA-SA Conference
    Date and Venue: Sept 2013, Boardwalk, Port Elizabeth. 
    Topic: Resilience. 
    Audience: 300+
  3. Event: Virtual Transport Forum
    Date and Venue:  June 2020, Online. 
    Topic: Transnet’s response and experience because of the Covid-19 pandemic

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