Unpacking The EAPA-SA Service Provider Guide | EAPA-SA


Thursday 24 February 2022: 10am – 12pm

Content Focus Area: EAPASA Service Provider Member Classifications

What are the membership ramifications of the EAPASA Service Provider Guide – and what benefits does it bring to the EA industry, service providers and users in South Africa?

Join EAPASA President, Thiloshni Govender, and her fellow panelists to learn more about the stipulated requirements as outlined in the Service Provider Guide – particularly as all new membership applications and renewals will be vetted according to these new criteria. We look forward to fielding your very important questions which will assist us in compiling relevant FAQ for the Guide.


Thiloshni Govender – EAPASA President

Radhi Vandayar – EAPASA President Elect

Dr Pravesh Bhoodram – EAPASA Board Member

Smangele Simelane – EAPASA Kwazulu-Natal Chapter Chair



Andiswa Lefakane – EAPASA Membership Portfolio



We value our members and it is our goal to continuously empower and support both buyers and sellers of the EAP Services. To this end, in 2019, EAPA-SA embarked on a process of consultation with the wider South African EAP fraternity in an effort to establish a recognised and all-encompassing standard for EAP Service Providers. The Board is most grateful for all who were involved and contributed in this process, which has resulted in the compilation of a Service Provider Guide that has been officially instituted by the Association, with effect from January 2022.



  1. Service Provider Guide: Differentiating EA Service Provider categories within EAPA-SA membership
  2. The Guide:- Benefits from an industry perspective
    – Benefits from a user perspective
    – A tool to elevate industry professionalism and attract new EA buyers

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Andiswa Lefakane

Andiswa Lefakane

EAPASA Membership Portfolio

Thiloshni Govender

Thiloshni Govender

EAPASA President

Radhi Vandayar

Radhi Vandayar

EAPASA President Elect

Smangele Simelane

Smangele Simelane

EAPASA KwaZulu-Natal Chapter Chair

Dr Pravesh Bhoodram

Dr Pravesh Bhoodram

EAPASA Board Member