Old Mutual: On The Money Programme- Managing Your Finances | EAPA-SA

On The Money Programme- Managing Your Finances

Thursday 18 November 2021: 10am – 12pm

Content Focus Area: EAP-PROFESSIONAL: Professional skills and information for EAP


The On The Money programme has been redesigned with new and exciting content to help you with your day to day, as well as long term financial planning.

Create new financial habits for a better future.


Presentation Abstract:

The managing your finances module under the Old Mutual On The Money programme, provides practical tips to employees on how to manage their finances effectively, making use of the Big 5 animals that are on the SA money notes. Each animal has its own financial message which expands into everyday examples that consumers can use to help with planning for their financial goals.


Learning Objectives:

  1. To help individuals assess their current financial knowledge and abilities and guide them on how to break bad money habits that get in the way of financial stability.
  2. To establish a better understanding of the importance of financial planning and
    proactive saving and investing.
  3. To provide practical tips, tools and guidance on how to draw up a budget, set realistic, clear, short, medium-and long-term financial goals. Regularly track their financial status, protect their assets and manage debt effectively.

Tokozile Gqangenia

Tokozile Gqangenia is a Learning Facilitator at Old Mutual in the Financial Education department headed by John Manyike.
Tokozile loves her job as a Facilitator, having to communicate about money with different types of people. Solving problems and finding solutions to money matters and advising how one can have a healthy financial freedom.
Old Mutual is the leader in financial education because Old Mutual cares about their clients as they provide financial education at no cost but to just help people.


Our seminars are limited to 500 people.

If you do not manage to get into the seminar,

please watch the seminar live on our Facebook page.