Samuel Baloyi: How To Navigate Out of Crisis Into Creativity | EAPA-SA

How To Navigate Out of Crisis Into Creativity 

09 June 2022: 10am – 12pm

Content Focus Area: EAP-CLIENT: Employee issues in the post-COVID workplace

EARN 1 CPD Point (SACSSP, HPCSA and EAPASA were relevant)


Presentation Abstract:

Crisis is an event or a condition that emerges often unexpected hence it leaves people in a destitute state. Trepidation or consternation is a zone or state where one is left anxious, uncertain about the future and fearful. These are some of the impingements of crisis. In my book titled UNFLAPPABLE which simply means to be cool, calm and collected under crisis, I talk about two distinctive chapters that assists the reader with effective thinking strategies to avert impingement. I talk about the importance of having a contingency plan. This is consciousness about the possibility of any form of crisis and developing the matching counter strategy. I also talk about how to retort or respond to crisis. You will perennially be victimized by circumstances if you don’t master the knack to be responsive and not reactional towards crisis.


Learning Objectives:

1. Attendees will be equipped with psychologically informed lessons of winning against situations meant to victimize them.
2. They will know about the dynamics of self leadership during crisis
3. They will also learn how their language during crisis is a determinant of the longevity of its impact.

Mr Samuel Baloyi

Mr Samuel Baloyi

Performance Coach @ParExcellence Pty. Ltd.

Samuel is an author of 12 inspirational and developmental books. An ethicist who coaches and speaks on the 21st century professional ethics. An education consultant for professional development and performance improvement.

Speaking Experience:

1. Spoke at the Lepelle circuit 4 strategic planning sessions attended by over 500 delegates
2. Spoke to the managers of property leasing at Standard Bank head office in Johannesburg
3. Spoke to over 60 ABSA branch managers In Alberton

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