Panel Discussion: The Trilogy of Trauma, Grief and Fatigue | EAPA-SA

Panel Discussion: The Trilogy of Trauma, Grief and Fatigue

Tuesday 05 April 2022: 10am – 12pm

Content Focus Area: EAP-CLIENT: Employee issues in the post-COVID workplace


Paula Quinsee: Relationship Expert
Carol-Ann Dixon: Counselling Psychologist
John Smith: Internationally Certified Addiction Treatment Professional/Senior SUD Counselor



Since COVID so many people are dealing with loss (trauma) on many different levels and we are yet to see the real impact of COVID on mental health which has become very topical in corporate”s of late. The next predicted pandemic is that of Burnout (COVID fatigue) and we don’t realise the impact that this can have on our wellbeing and the neuroscience behind it.



John will start off the discussion by defining and understanding what trauma is and some of the coping mechanisms used and the neuroscience of trauma.

Carol will follow on from that on establishing safety and stabilisation, the mechanisms/tools for establishing safety as an individual, for a partner or colleague. How remembrance, mourning and re-telling can trigger another stress reaction such as panic or dissociation as well as understanding the process of mourning

Paula will talk to the relational aspects of trauma, how does trauma affect our relationships and productivity in the workplace and how can we work together in the relationship when trauma exists.


  1. How trauma really affects the body and our well-being
  2. The Neuroscience behind trauma
  3. Dealing with post COVID trauma in the workplace

Our seminars are limited to 500 people.

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Paula Quinsee

Paula Quinsee

Relationship Expert @Ati2ud Communications

Relationship Expert, Tedx speaker and author passionate about cultivating healthy relationships at home and in the workplace to create a more human connected world. Mental health advocate and voice for GBVH.

Carol-Ann Dixon

Carol-Ann Dixon

Counselling Psychologist @Private Practitioner

Counselling Psychologist focusing on holistic well-being specialising in relationships and corporate interpersonal interaction. Her Masters Thesis was on: Revictimization in survivors of sexual abuse – the coloured experience.

John Smith

John Smith

Internationally Certified Addiction Treatment Professional/Senior SUD Counselor @TTK Life Strategies

As a former high school teacher and school counsellor he has been active in both addiction and mental health for more than 10 years consulting to a number of addiction and mental health facilities as well as correctional services. He has conducted public lectures, seminars and workshops, as well as regular radio and television interviews on topics related to personal development and recovery of which often the underlying contributing factor is trauma.