Message to all the Egoli Members | EAPA-SA

Good day EAPA Egoli Members and Stakeholders,

Thank you to the members and stakeholders who attended the Egoli Chapter’s closing event on the 22nd November at the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens.

The day turned out to be a brilliant event and we enjoyed the opportunity to have met with you again.  Attached please find a copy of the programme for the day.

For our colleagues that could not attend the event, we really missed you but we know that the duties of our industry kept you occupied.  Herewith please find a summary of what was shared in the dialogue during the day:

  1. Message of Hope: Thank you for your passion and professionality in which you execute your work.  We know that the people working in our industry has a higher calling.  Look back at 2018 and evaluate your successes and failures, make peace with the challenges and failures so that you can build on these to enhance your courage and hope for 2019.  We know that with even the smallest opportunity of hope great things can be accomplished.  Therefore it is the Egoli Chapter Steering Committee’s wish to each of our members and stakeholders to have a blessed and safe Festive Season.  We are looking forward to share with you the 2019 calendar, which is in process, and to help you with instilling further hope to reach your purpose in life.
  2. EAPA-SA Board:  A new EAPA-SA Board has been elected for the next 5 year term.  Please keep a look-out for the update on the new Board members on the EAPA-SA website @ .  Therefore the Egoli Chapter Steering Committee also had to re-elect our steering committee members to be in-line with the Board’s term of office.  I thank each and every one of the steering committee members for the work and effort that they put in over the 2018 period.  I am looking forward with you to 2019 and the activities that we are planning.  Attached please find the details of the new Egoli Steering Committee members that were introduced to the members during our event on the 22nd November.
  3. EAPA-SA Office: Please take note that the EAPA-SA Office will be physically closed as from the 30th November 2018 due to the office moving to a temporary premises.  The office’s telephone line and e-mail addresses will still be functional during this time.  The new physical address will be shared in 2019.
  4. Stakeholders: We thank each one of the stakeholders who made the event on the 22nd November possible.  Without your partnership and commitment our chapter cannot function.  I want to specifically thank the following sponsors for their sponsorship, i.e. ASI Financial Services, Old Mutual and NBC Holdings.  I also want to thank Priscilla Everson from Johannesburg City Parks who assisted us with arranging the venue at Johannesburg Botanical Gardens.

We wish you a blessed Festive Season, be safe and we will see you again in 2019!