STATEMENT FROM EAPA-SA – Postponement Of Eduweek 2020 & New Exciting Online Options For Earning 2020 CPD Points | EAPA-SA

Dear Delegates, Members and Stakeholders, 

In light of the continuation of lockdown regulations, which include the sustained restrictions on gatherings, we have taken the decision to postpone the physical, face-to-face Eduweek event in Sun City to 2021. 

EAPA-SA is in full support of the South African Government’s recommended health and safety measures and the health and safety of our delegates, members and stakeholders is of the utmost priority. 

Sun International has allowed EAPA-SA to move the entirety of the venue contract to 2021. Please note that some venue and accommodation rates may increase slightly and Sun International is doing their best to keep the rates as close as possible to what was agreed for 2020. As soon as the updated dates and pricing schedules are finalised, we will communicate with you. 

Any delegates who have already registered for the Sun City event can have their registrations moved to 2021 and any increase in fees will be applied.

Any delegates who have already paid for 2020 can apply for a full refund or the funds can be used towards the ground-breaking 2020 online programme we are putting in place – more mentioned below. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Sun City in 2021.

2020 CPD Points with EAPA-SA

The HPCSA and SACSSP have confirmed that members are expected to earn their CPD points in 2020; and EAPA-SA has a responsibility to provide CPD earning opportunities for its members. 

Thus, we are working on creating an exciting online platform for our members, delegates and stakeholders. We have seen an incredible uptake in technology-use in providing EAP Services and EAPA-SA is on the forefront of this changing way of work. We are creating a platform that will allow for flexibility and a multitude of opportunities for you to earn your CPD points in 2020; With a long-term view of developing a sustainable, online education platform. 

We want to share with you in the very near future, learnings from the EAP front line; case studies of what is working; guidelines for opening up the workplace during and post the Covid-19 Pandemic and the many facets of vital psychosocial support for employees in the new world of work. 

Some of the topics you can expect in our 2020 online education:

  • Lessons from the frontline: Learnings from EAP in the public sector during the COVID-19 pandemic
    • Psychological impacts on the workforce 
    • Discrimination on positive cases, or the fear of 
  • Futureshock: How has the South African workplace changed in unforeseen ways?
    • Digital has gone viral: EAP implications for the rapid uptake of digital technology among workers over the national lockdown.
    • Ethical considerations
    • Confidentiality and COVID-19
    • Case Studies: Service Providers that were proactive – strategic positioning
  • Breaking the EAP mould – Traditional vs the New Normal
    • Re-imagining counseling
    • Tele-counseling / Tele-therapy
    • Unlearning old habits

Delegate registration information and links will be sent out in the coming weeks. 

Enquiries about Eduweek can be directed to:
Phone: 0214470321


Kind Regards
Ms. Thiloshni Govender
EAPA-SA President