Introducing EAPA-SA EduWeb

EAPA-SA has created EduWeb, an online education portal, as a response to the changing landscape. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our very popular annual Eduweek event will not take place in 2020. Instead our Association will provide online and virtual education options for our members to acquire their CPD points and to keep our stakeholders abreast of changes in the EAP industry.  

Thank you to our 2020 & 2021 Speakers!

Call for Speakers: The Brief

Please read all the information on this page before beginning the submission process.

  • Please create your application in step 6 (Template provided) before applying online.
    Then cut and paste your text into the online submission form (last stage). Do not create your submission in the online form, as there is a risk that you may lose your work. 
  • Submission deadlines: The review process for CPD point allocation can take up to 60 days. Please submit your information as soon as possible to ensure you are allocated a seminar slot as soon as possible. 
  • Reviewing process: The Organising Committee will begin reviewing submissions while the Call for Speakers is open. Once the committee has approved your content, your application will also be sent to the HPCSA and the SACSSP for allocation of CPD Points. If your application does receive CPD points, it will be given priority in our Seminar schedule. 
  • Information marked with an asterisk (*):  This information will be displayed EXACTLY AS YOU ENTER IT on the website, on our social media platforms, in our newsletter and on our Mobile App.
  • Your profile photo: Please have a professional, high resolution head and shoulder photo ready when you do your online submission. Please do not submit cell phone pictures. They should be professional pictures with a white background. 
  • Word limits: Where a word limit is indicated, the form will not let you enter any further information, exceeding the defined limit.


Please contact us if you have any questions.

Appointed Professional Conference Organiser: EnOv8 Event Management

Tel: 021 447 0321



EAPA-SA encourages presentations that offer innovative solutions to today’s challenges, stimulate inventive thinking, test new ideas and propose creative strategies for marketing, delivering, organising, evaluating, improving and adding value to EA and wellness services. The topic must contribute to building the professional skills and knowledge.  

Your proposal should exemplify state-of-the-art knowledge, practice, research or skills in one of the focus areas for this year’s programme. More information on this year’s Themes and Topics are found below. 

Technical Provisions

EAPA-SA will provide online webinar software and link the presenters to the session. Please plan to have your presentation materials ready 2 weeks prior to the seminar. EAPA-SA may redesign slides to make them appropriate to the online setting. 

Presenters Internet Speeds 

Presenters are to ensure they are presenting from a location with a stable internet connection, fibre line, minimum 10mb upload and download speeds. A rehearsal will take place to ensure your internet connection is of the quality required.  Where a speaker is unable to ensure the internet stability required, their seminar may be pre-recorded and broadcast to the attendees on the seminar date. The Q&A session with the presenter can then be done live with the attendees.  


Online seminars may be delivered by 1 (ONE) presenter, 2 (TWO) co-presenters or panels of up to 4 (FOUR) members, or they may take a more novel approach to learning, such as a debate, role-play, simulation, or game. Please be creative with this new online platform. 

  1. Online seminar: Each seminar session is of 45 minutes in length (30 minute presentation; 15 min – questions). 
  2. Panel discussions: Speakers who are well-versed in similar subjects will be placed together in a panel to discuss different viewpoints.
  3. Training Workshops: Interactive and engaging workshops that allow the audience to delve into the subject with introspection, exercises and teamwork. The thinking should be facilitated by you. Our training workshops are 2 hours each.
  4. Research Poster Presentations: Share your findings from your research with the audience. The time allocated to your presentation will be a total of 15 minutes. Your findings should be presented over a period of 7-10 minutes and the Q&A session will make up the balance of your time.

Key Provisions of the Agreement Include


  • APPLY AND SUBMIT – All speakers are to apply and submit their abstracts online at the link provided in step 6 of this document. No speaker application will be accepted via any other format.
  • PROMOTE AND PUBLICISING – EAPA-SA will publicise and promote each seminar and presenter via their website, social media channels, newsletters and mobile app.
  • MARKETING – Presenters may only promote or sell products or services for 2 minutes before, or after their session. Presenters agree to ONLY present educational material during their presentation.
  • DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS AND MATERIALS – Presenters agree to provide all PowerPoint, video, audio, hand-outs and any other materials utilised during the session to EAPA-SA 2 weeks ahead of the seminar date. 
  • HAND-OUTS – Presenters may prepare PDF documents to be sent to the organisers 7 days before the seminar. The handouts will be distributed to the delegates 24 hours before the seminar. 

Calendar for Submissions

Please ensure that you submit your application before one of the following dates. Our committee will review applications every 2 weeks and the seminar dates will be announced after approvals are made. Please note that there is up to a 60 day waiting period for approvals of CPD Points so please submit as soon as possible.


Calendar of submission deadlines.  

  • 2020: 10 December
  • 2021: 6 & 20 January
  • 3 & 17 February
  • 3 & 17 & 31 March
  • 14 & 28 April 
  • 12 & 26 May
  • 9 & 23 June 


The purpose of the Seminars is to continue to guide the EAP industry. We want to provide up-to- date knowledge of Covid-19 in the workplace, an understanding of the implications of the pandemic on EAP and showcase the new ways of doing things – adapting to the pandemic.

We are a community that can debrief, support and consolidate learnings; provide ongoing, up-to-date information, thinking and guidance. The seminars will be a platform for ongoing EAP training and CPD points, and show our members and stakeholders what can still be done through reassurance and resilience.

We are looking for speakers to address the challenges that have been created by this new normal with practical strategies to use in the workplace going forward

EAP-CLIENT: Employee issues in the post-COVID workplace

  • Mental health issues and resilience in the workplace
  • Role of EAP practitioners on unplanned absenteeism | presenteeism in the new workplace 
  • Financial literacy and employee wellbeing 
  • Substance abuse in marriages, families and the workplace – addiction recovery model 
  • Bullying in the workplace | Workplace-based suicide triggers 
  • Gender-based violence 
  • LGBTIQ+ and how to assist them to adjust to society
  • COVID-related stress in the workplace 
  • Domestic violence issues during COVID-19 
  • Behavioural addictions 
  • Rape crisis | sexual harassment in the workplace and PTSD 
  • Bereavement – dealing with multiple losses by staff members

EAP-CLINICAL: Evolution within counselling areas in the next normal

  • Trauma counselling 
  • Emotional and spiritual intelligence
  • Caring for a caregiver 
  • Grief counselling

EAP-PROFESSIONAL: Professional skills and information for EAP 

  • Remote vs in-office working: adjusting EAP services for different models
  • The practicality of the four pillars of EAP for government departments and wellness companies 
  • HIV/AIDS management 
  • Advances in EAP delivery globally
  • Practical guide on starting a private practice

EAPA-SA EduWeb Endeavours to


  • Challenge existing thinking, while continuing to provide proven strategies to develop and enhance an EA professional’s knowledge and understanding of the uniqueness of each workplace, in order to better serve both client companies and employees; 
  • Contribute to solutions and alternatives with respect to up-to-date and innovative interventions, assessments, and referrals as these pertain to employee/family identification, addictions and behavioural health in the workplace, with application to workplace issues resulting from:
    • Trauma
    • Substance abuse
    • Behavioural addictions
    • Mental health problems 
    • Disability management
  • Demonstrate opportunities for collaboration with client organisations (which includes human resources, existing union bargaining units, occupational medicine, and/or organisational consultants);
  • Prepare EA professionals for working with all variations of diverse employee populations – including the ageing employee, disability inclusion and LGBTQIA+- which requires cultural competence and expanded knowledge, skills and recognition of an ever-evolving and diverse workplace; and where the EA role encompasses working with the individual, as well in providing education and support for the manager and co-workers. 
  • Demonstrate EA role and EA service delivery in responding to, steering, and leading opportunities to advance workplace culture through EA knowledge and experience with diverse / special constituencies in the workplace, through disruptive event preparedness, and through an understanding of workplace, regulatory, and social norms.
  • Introduce and demonstrate technology that has enhanced EA impact on the workplace. Outcome measures need to be provided.
  • Provide a direct and measurable link to enhancing overall employee wellness and well-being, and organisational culture.


Thank you for your interest in presenting a seminar for EAAP-SA EduWeb. With a limited number of speaking slots, the Committee carefully considers the information provided in each proposal during the selection process.

How can you increase the chance your proposal will excite the Committee and earn a top spot in the rankings?

  1. Read all the information on this page before beginning the submission process.
  2. Customise your proposal content to work well for an online seminar – think about engaging the delegates on the other side of the screen.
  3. Review the theme and topics and customise your presentation to the one focus area that most closely matches the content of your presentation.
  4. Have a short, catchy and descriptive title. Titles over 85 characters will need to be shortened.
  5. Write and edit your proposal in the provided Word Document template, then cut and paste your text into the online submission form.
  6. Meet all the submission deadlines to ensure your seminar will receive the full benefit of the marketing available. 
  7. Sell your proposal. In the Abstract field you have up to 500 words to give a broad description of the material you’d like to present. Use this to capture the imagination of the Committee. Use the second 100 word field, the Session Description, to draft what you’d like to see in the final marketing communications to attract your attendees to your session.
  8. Sell yourself! You know you’re an expert on your topic and an excellent presenter. But the Committee won’t know unless you tell us why you are the right person with the right topic to make EAPA-SA’s EduWeb the best online seminars. Use up to 200 words in the Biographical information related to the topic field, to stand out from the crowd. Use the 50 word Biography for Publication field to draft what you’d like to see about you in the final Programme.
  9. If you are going to include a co-presenter, be sure to send us your co-presenter information, including their 50 word bios for publication. 
  10. The best written proposals have the best chance for success! Don’t forget to grammar check and spell check your submission.


As the lead presenter for your proposal, you must agree to the terms and conditions in order for your session to be included in the EduWeb programme. All terms of this Agreement apply to any additional presenters you may invite to participate.


  1. LEAD PRESENTER / CHANGES – I acknowledge that I am the lead presenter for this session and will be EAPA-SA’s point of contact for all additional presenters, if any. As lead presenter, I understand that I am responsible for ensuring that EAPA-SA is provided accurate contact and biographical information for all presenters in my session. Any changes made in terms of speakers must be approved by EAPA-SA.
    I understand that EAPA-SA will provide the following: 
    • An online webinar software platform
    • Redesign of my slides to be as engaging as possible – in consultation with the speaker 
    • If I have additional technical or audio-visual needs, they have been included in my proposal. I agree that if the item/s requested bear a cost for EAPA-SA, the organisers will communicate this cost in writing and will only be booked once I confirm that I will cover the cost.
      I understand that I will provide the following:
      • I will present from a location that has stable fibre internet at a minimum of 10mb download and upload speed
      • If I am unable to ensure a stable internet connection, I will pre-record my seminar and send the recording to EAPA-SA a minimum of 2 weeks before the seminar date 
      • Make myself available for an agreed upon date no later than 7 days before the seminar for a rehearsal and coaching for feedback on presentation style – ensuring the most engaging seminar for delegates. 
  3. DEADLINE DATE FOR PRESENTATION MATERIALS – I agree to provide EAPA-SA my presentation materials no later than 2 weeks before the seminar and EAPA-SA will present the slides in the updated format.
  4. PROMOTION OF MY SEMINAR – I understand that EAPA-SA will publicise and promote each session and presenter by including brief descriptions online, in the mobile programme app and in other marketing materials. EAPA-SA reserved the right to edit all descriptive and biographical information as needed.
  5. PRESENTATION DATE – I agree to present the session as approved by the EAPA-SA Organising Committee at the date and time referenced by the acceptance email. I understand that EAPA-SA retains the right to change the date/time of the session.
  6. PRESENTATION TIME – I agree to stick to the allocated time for my presentation and/or workshop. I understand that if I exceed the time allocation, that the facilitator will end my session to ensure that EAPA-SA is able to observe the time lines provided to attendees.
  7. PRESENTATION MATERIAL – I agree that presentations may not be used to promote or sell products or services before, during, or after the session. I agree to present education material only.
  8. MARKETING OF MY BUSINESS/SERVICES – I agree that I will only market my product/service/company for 2 minutes maximum before or after my presentation. No marketing will be included within the presentation. (unless I am discussing training or a tool for the field)
  9. HAND-OUTS – If I require that hand-outs are to be distributed to delegates, I will send a PDF or word document to the organisers a minimum of 7 working days before the seminar. 
  10. DEFAULTING ON KEY DATES – I understand that if I am unresponsive to published key dates and other contact requests from EAPA-SA, my session may be replaced by an alternate presenter.
  11. COSTS – There is no cost for speakers to present or participate in a seminar. EAPA-SA is a non-profit organisation and does not provide honoraria. 


Important Notes To Remember:

Please write and edit your proposal in the provided word document template, then cut and paste your text into the online submission form. Do not create your submission online as there is a risk that you can lose your work. PLEASE DO NOT create your proposal while you are online as you may lose your work.

Information marked with an asterisk (*) will be displayed EXACTLY AS YOU ENTER IT on the EduWeb website, social media, mobile app and newsletters. 

Where a word limit is indicated, the form will not let you enter any more information that exceeds the defined limit.

The Organising Committee will begin reviewing the submissions while the Call for Speakers is open.

The Closing Date for submissions is 60 days before the seminar date 

Successful applicants will be notified by as soon as the CPD Application has been completed 

Please email the organisers the following: 

  1. A high resolution head and shoulder photo 
  2. Your membership certificate or card with HPCSA or SACSSP or other statutory body 

Application Contents:

 Abstract Information

A rich description of your session – 500 word limit

Session description

Marketing language designed to attract attendees – 100 word limit

Learning objectives

Must be behaviourally-based and observable. (e.g. attendees will be able to: 1. demonstrate a specific skill; 2. create a specific process, etc.).

Text entered here will be used for obtaining CPD credit and publication.

Biographical Information related to the topic

This information should inform the Organising Committee of your professional experiences and/or academic qualifications related to the abstract. Prepare a descriptive paragraph or two rather than a resume – 200 word limit

Biography for Publication

This will be published in the programme and on the website

It is not necessary to repeat any contact information (such as title, company) in this brief biography – 50 word limit

Your Speaking Experience

List three (3) content relevant speaking experiences (include dates, venues, topics presented and audience size).


Please note that EduWeb consists of regular seminars. The deadline for applications is 60 days before the seminar date to allow time for the committee to review your content and for the CPD allocation process. 

Please don’t create or draft your application details on the online form as you might lose your work if the page refreshes – please type it out below and paste it into the online form.

Please note that any information provided in your application can be published on EAPA-SA’s websites and social media platforms for the purposes of marketing your session. 

We will not publish your contact details or presentation slides without your consent. 

Please note that all seminars will be recorded and may be re-broadcast on an additional date to provide more delegates the opportunity to attend.

Application Template:

Download the template below where you can create your application in a Word Document – which can later be copied and pasted into the form. 


Please copy the content you created in the template and paste each section of your application details in this form online 

Please note that it can take up to 60 days to approve your seminar for CPD points, so the sooner you send your information the better. 


Please contact us if you have any questions.

Appointed Professional Conference Organiser: EnOv8 Event Management

Tel: 021 447 0321


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