Membership Notice: 30 June 2017 | EAPA-SA

Dear EAPA-SA Members


Thank you for your support for the Employee Assistance Professionals Association of South Africa (EAPA-SA) National Conference 2016.


In the interests of enabling membership, it has been decided to grant a once-off concession to those prospective members that missed the deadline to redeem the free membership from attending the 2016 conference.


Kindly note that those who attended the EAPA-SA 18th Annual Conference 2016, who wish to become a registered member for 2017, will need to submit a motivational letter along with their application in order to redeem the free membership obtained at the conference. The complete application must be submitted before the 31st July 2017.


If the applicant meets the qualifying criteria, membership will be granted for 2017, period ending 31st December 2017.


The Board looks forward to welcoming our new members.