What do future jobs look like and how do we prepare for them? | EAPA-SA

Anyone in business or industry today already knows this; change isn’t coming. It’s here. It’s called the fourth industrial revolution and it’s driven by digital. The acceleration of digital technology is forcing companies in every market sector to adapt and change in a hundred different ways. There is not a single job type unnaffected (even the human writing this piece could soon be outpaced by intelligent A.I. content generators like Persado). In recent surveys:

  • 50% of companies expect their traditional business models to be obsolete by 2020.
  • 80% say they feel behind in adapting to change
  • 90% say digital is forcing them to reassess job titles and team structures.


Against this disruptive background, no discipline is being affected more than human resources – whose practitioners must deal not only with seismic shifts in the way the business around them manages human capital, but also with the direct impact of new technology on their own day-to-day duties.


Traditional roles are increasingly under threat – how should we be adapting?

More and more  innovative HR practitioners are rapidly reshaping the way they work in terms of adopting, rather than avoiding, powerful new technologies such as recruitment chatbots, database mining and Graylink. With frequent advances in areas like robotics, automated communication and the Internet of Things,the pressure is on for HR teams to diversify their knowledge set to keep pace with the digital disruption curve. For those prepared to get hands on with it, the current value of the HR software and tools market is $14 billion. The trick is working out how best to grapple with it.


It’s crunch time, people

The 2017 Future of HR Summit, taking place in two weeks’ time, will  address the exciting, ongoing transformation of HR in the business environment, forecast trends for the coming year, shares innovative approaches to overcoming challenges and discusses practical methods of employee engagement and talent acquisition in the hyper-digital age. Delegates will engage with experts on topics such as millennials (who they are and how to get them); HR’s secret weapon – chat-based messaging – developing a digital-savvy game plan and mastering mobile recruitment.
There are other benefits in attending – HR practitioners will get to earn  “continuing professional development” points, known as CPDs, via the Summit’s CPD Accreditors, SABPP. Attendees will be rewarded 2 CPD points per day of the Summit – 4 CPD points in all.

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