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The detrimental effects of the coronavirus pandemic has placed EAP, as an industry, at the forefront of employee health and wellness like never before, including in the support of care workers and other essential workers  on the frontline in the fight to overcome COVID-19. What has been your professional experience over this first-of-its-kind challenge – and what have you learned? EAPA-SA is seeking your reputable contributions to EAPA-SA newsletter article content, covering leading practices and emerging issues from within the EAP industry.

We are calling for content contributors who will volunteer their time in writing and submitting  coronavirus pandemic-related articles that reflect their area of expertise. In doing so you, our valued members, will play a key role in contributing to the EAPA-SA knowledge base, which is accessible to all our members via the EAPA-SA website. 

Once received, the approval process should take no longer than four weeks to complete. Contributors will be notified of their status and the date of publication once submissions have been reviewed by the editorial team and approved by relevant EAPA-SA Board members.

For questions regarding becoming an article contributor, please contact Nicole Rollings at EnOv8 at nicole@enov8.co.za 

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