Service Provider Guide Update: Feedback Required | EAPA-SA

Dear Valued EAP Stakeholder

On behalf of EAPASA, I hereby wish to take this opportunity to thank you for the time you took and for joining us in the Service Provider Membership virtual consultation session held on Zoom on  held last Tuesday.

As custodians of the EAP space, EAPASA is embarking on an exercise to ensure better regulation of the relations between the buyers and sellers of EAP.

In an effort to incorporate the views of all EAP Stakeholders, we hereby call on you our valued partners to add your voice to this Service Provider Guideline, which aims to ensure greater professionalisation and protection of all parties with an interest is EAP.

Your Feedback Is Important To Us

Further to your input at the virtual session, I would also like to request you to provide us any additional recommendations on the document which we may not have covered in the virtual session.

The deadline for input is 25 November 2020.

After reading the draft guideline, please add your comments for further consideration by our membership committee.

Below we have provided links to the various resources you may require. 

  1. We have included a link to the recording of the virtual consultation session as a refresher or for those that could not attend.
  2. The Guideline Draft document that was presented at the consultation session for your perusal.
  3. A link to the survey where you can provide your input on the documents. Please complete the form according to the sub sections of the document.  

Please be in touch with Theresa on if you have any queries.

Yours Truly
Andiswa Lefakane
EAPA-SA Board Member: Membership Portfolio Holder

Watch the Recording

Review the recording of the session as a refresher.

View the Guideline Draft

The current draft SP Guideline is available online for your perusal.

Add Your Voice

Capture your input on this link before 25 November 2020.

Buyer Engagement Virtual Meeting Recording

Watch a recording of the meeting that took place on 12 December 2020.