Although the country has returned to full scale economic functionality post the Covid 19 pandemic, many people are feeling anxious about returning to work. Beside having to navigate a “ new normal” adjustment challenges in the workplace. In addition to the new normal technological challenges, employees who had been working remotely have to deal with the high fuel prices and transport challenges. Employees are already used to issues of social distancing, sanitizing and mask which is no longer mandatory. However, the situation continues to have a negative impact on everyone ‘s mental health to some degree because of anxiety and hesitancy around the issue of returning to work. Employees should therefore be psychologically ready to return to the workplace. The Platinum Chapter organised the Continuous Personal Development workshop for practitioners on 1st July 2022 at Sanlam Sky Offices in Sandton on:

  1. What is Psychological Readiness which refers to a person ‘s capacity to cope and respond appropriately to the full range of life experience challenges.
  2. Explore how to utilise technology in bridging the gap in the transition to the “new normal”.
  3. Provide adjustment period-tips for the Wellness Practitioners.
  4. How to deal with fear and anxiety that currently characterise the workplace?
  5. How to improve performance and productivity in the face of the prevailing challenges?
  6. What will be appropriate and adequate resources to redress challenges of the “new normal” ?
  7. What are possible policy challenges to deal with issues of inclusivity and the emerging new culture?
  8. How to create a balance between proactive and reactive intervention programmes?
  9. Is it possible to continue using Baseline Health Screening Survey and Vaccination as intervention measures?

Here are some images of taken at the workshop: