EduWeb | EAPA-SA

EduWeb is an online education portal. 

As the leader in EAP Education in South Africa, EduWeb was created as part of our long-term strategy to deliver learning on the latest practices, thinking and developments in the EAP industry.

EduWeb demonstrates EAPASA’s quick thinking in the face of COVID-19 and our ability to adopt new technologies when it comes to ensuring our members are able to obtain their annual CPD points, seamlessly.

Formats of Seminars

EduWeb seminars are flexible and can take shape in many different ways

  • Panel discussions and debates with live Q&A from the audience

  • Plenary presentations with written Q&A – unlimited viewers

  • Small group workshops – allowing for delegates to speak up and interact without crowding


EAP: Supporting South African employees toward becoming “Well Workforce 2030” 

  • EAP services that support employee mental health, especially in the COVID-19 long haul
  • EAP programmes to support holistic employee wellbeing in South Africa
  • Enriching EAP with technology enablers 
  • New thinking and developments in the EAP Industry

Note:  The structure of EduWeb’s online education allows for the flexibility of adjusting themes per quarter/month or even session – based on current events/trends.

Speaker Topics


EAP: Supporting South African employees toward becoming “Well Workforce 2030”

Strategies for supporting employee mental health

EAP programmes expanded to support holistic employee wellbeing

New thinking and developments in the EAP Industry


Enriching the EAP industry in South Africa with technology enablers 

Innovative use of technology for counselling, coaching and training sessions

Artificial Intelligence that supports EAP service delivery (e.g. Chatbots)

Ideal Technology-enabled EAP Solutions


EAP in South Africa:  Ethical, Legal and Standards Considerations

EAPASA Service Provider Guide

EAPASA Code of Ethics

How POPIA affects EAP in South Africa

Case Studies

Expanding on the traditional EAP programmes

Re-imagining counselling through technology

Culturally sensitive EAP approaches

Member Benefits

EduWeb brings you easy access to industry learning from specialists across South Africa

  • Earn CPD Points: Stay up to date on leading-edge EAP practice and thinking

  • Keep up with industry developments: Tap into regular, timeous updates on current EAP information and trends

  • Benefit from easy access to valuable education from a range of highly qualified speakers

  • Interact and gain knowledge together as teams, colleagues and an EAP community across South Africa 

  • Profit from skills transfer and training in new and different communication technologies

  • Share in the water-shed opportunity for members and stakeholders to share their experiences and learnings around EAP over the long haul of the COVID-19 

  • Partake in the positive knock-on effect to the industry through using digital technology to provide and broaden EAP services

Stakeholder Benefits

EduWeb provides our stakeholders with the opportunity to build brand awareness among EAPASA member base

Sponsorship of a seminar includes: 

  • Hosting a seminar and welcoming the delegation 

  • Exposure and branding opportunities across all EAPASA’s digital and social media channels such as the website content – including a post seminar article, seminar promotions emailers and social media posts, EAPASA’s mobile app and the seminar itself

EAPA-SA EduWeb Endeavours to: 

  • Challenge existing thinking, while continuing to provide proven strategies to develop and enhance an EA professional’s knowledge and understanding of the uniqueness of each workplace, in order to better serve both client companies and employees; 

  • Contribute to solutions and alternatives with respect to up-to-date and innovative interventions, assessments, and referrals as these pertain to employee/family identification, addictions and behavioural health in the workplace, with application to workplace issues resulting from:

    • Trauma

    • Substance abuse

    • Behavioural addictions

    • Mental health problems 

    • Disability management

  • Demonstrate opportunities for collaboration with client organisations (which includes human resources, existing union bargaining units, occupational medicine, and/or organisational consultants);

  • Prepare EA professionals for working with all variations of diverse employee populations – including the ageing employee, disability inclusion and LGBTQIA+- which requires cultural competence and expanded knowledge, skills and recognition of an ever-evolving and diverse workplace; and where the EA role encompasses working with the individual, as well in providing education and support for the manager and co-workers. 

  • Demonstrate EA role and EA service delivery in responding to, steering, and leading opportunities to advance workplace culture through EA knowledge and experience with diverse / special constituencies in the workplace, through disruptive event preparedness, and through an understanding of workplace, regulatory, and social norms.

  • Introduce and demonstrate technology that has enhanced EA impact on the workplace. Outcome measures need to be provided.

  • Provide a direct and measurable link to enhancing overall employee wellness and well-being, and organisational culture.