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Call for Speakers: Eduweek 2024 Prep Guide Web Pages

Interested in sharing your expertise at Eduweek 2024? Ensure you’re fully prepared by reviewing the comprehensive details found across FIVE essential pages. Here, you’ll discover all necessary terms, conditions, and insights. The sixth click leads you directly to the application form itself.

Gleaning insights from these pages equips you with the vital information needed for a compelling application. However, please note that ultimate acceptance hinges on our board’s review to determine the alignment of your proposal with this year’s conference themes and objectives.

Speakers Application Process

To streamline your application for speaking opportunities, please adhere to the following steps carefully:

 1. Preparation of Your Application:

Begin by drafting and refining your proposal using the provided Word Document template (Click Here to Download). Once complete, transfer your text into the online submission form. This approach minimises the risk of losing your work. Detailed guidance is available in Step 5.

2. Key Information (*):

Entries marked with an asterisk (*) will be showcased exactly as submitted on both the website and the official program. Ensure accuracy and intentionality in these sections.

3. Professional Profile Photo:

Prepare a high-resolution, professional head and shoulder photo against a white background for your online submission. Avoid using casual cellphone pictures to maintain a professional standard.

4. Adhering to Word Limits:

The submission form enforces specified word limits strictly; exceeding these limits is technically not possible.

5. Submission Review Process:

The Organising Committee reviews applications throughout the open Call for Speakers period, ensuring timely feedback and selection.

 6Travel and Accommodation

As a non-profit organisation, EAPA-SA does not cover travel and accommodation expenses for speakers.


Transfer your prepared proposal from this Word Document template to the online Speaker Application form. Remember, initiating and completing your proposal directly online is discouraged due to potential data loss. Access to the document template and application form is provided at the conclusion of “How To Apply” on page 5. How To Apply.