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Service Provider Membership Benefits

Employee Assistance Professionals Association of South Africa (EAPA-SA) is the official voice of the Employee Assistance (EA) profession in South Africa. It seeks to ensure the highest level of professional standards, ethics and continuing development of EA Professionals; Practitioners and Service Providers in the delivery of EA.

EAPA-SA Service Provider Membership Benefits 

  • Being placed on a list of vetted Service Providers: Have your company  profile and contact details published on our website in a special Service Providers page, being visible to potential clients 
  • Being placed on a register of members 
  • Being linked to a Professional Association: Gain the credibility of being linked to the leader in EAP in South Africa.
  • Having access to the latest articles and information in the field: EAPA-SA researches and writes 3-4 new articles and publishes interviews every month which are published on Some articles are for public access and some are for members only. These members only articles are locked and can be viewed by members who are logged in. 
  • Online information. EAPA-SA maintains a comprehensive website with a secure ‘members only’ section, links to external resources, 
  • University of Pretoria Research: EAPA-SA provides professional Exclusive Members Access to the Theses and Dissertations from the Social Work and Criminology Department at University of Pretoria via 
  • EAPA-SA’s Events: EAPASA hosts a range of events and Service Providers are encouraged to get involved as speakers, exhibitors and sponsors. These events provide your organisation with ample opportunities to showcase what your business provides and gives you access to a captive audience in our niche industry. 
    • Annual Eduweek: Each year, EAPA-SA hosts its annual Eduweek devoted to employee assistance, bringing together EAP leaders and professionals from around the country to share their knowledge and experience and to help identify and shape trends for the future. 
    • Exciting online events: EAPA-SA is in the process of developing online platforms and events for our members and stakeholders to attend during lock down and beyond
    • Events and seminars arranged by Chapters: EAPA-SA Chapters provide a large and diverse network of opportunities for professional networking, continuing education, and peer-to-peer engagement
  • SACSSP & HPCSA CPD Points: can be earned at the annual Eduweek event and some other smaller events that are advertised via the EAPA-SA platforms 
  • Network with your peers: The EAPA-SA Eduweek is one of the best ways to meet and network with other EAP professionals. This annual Eduweek brings together EAP leaders from around the globe to share their knowledge and experience. Local Chapter meetings provide regional opportunities for Service Providers to be Speakers, Exhibitors and Sponsors, as well as additional networking opportunities.
  • Follow EAPA-SA on Social Media: We use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for opportunities to interact with other members, share information, ask questions, and discuss topics that affect your work and life
  • EAPA-SA’s Monthly Newsletter: Researched articles, interviews and contributions from our industry experts are disseminated to our database. Service Providers can contribute content to the newsletter articles to showcase their case studies, and best practices.
  • Mobile App: EAPA-SA has our own mobile app which we use to advertise opportunities to interact with other members, share information, ask questions, and discuss topics that affect your work and life