André Cloete

André Cloete

Chapter Chairperson: Johannesburg

Chapter Location: Gauteng  – Braampark office park, Braamfontein.

Contact details

Cell: 0824125159


EAPA-SA’s Egoli chapter has been in operation since EAPA-SA launched. It was the first chapter launched and it was started with all the members based in Johannesburg.  The current Chairperson, André Cloete is a qualified Social Worker in the Employee Assistance Programme Industry in South Africa, holding a Masters Degree in Social Work (Employee Assistance Programme – University of Pretoria). He is currently fulfilling the Chairperson portfolio within the Egoli Chapter of EAPA-SA.

He is currently employed as Manager for Client Relations in an Employee Wellbeing Programme Service Provider function at LifeAssist in Johannesburg, Gauteng.

As a Social Worker, André has worked in various organisations ranging from a Mental Health non-governmental organisation, coordinating support groups for professional support, Employee Assistance Programme therapist and trainer, account manager for various service provider organisations, coach for executives and managers, managing and coordination onsite HCT and Health Risk Assessment projects and now managing client relations within an Employee Wellbeing Programme service provider environment.

As an active and involved father, André enjoys spending time with his family and two sons. He also enjoys doing wood turning in his free time and actively living a faith-based life.

1 mini-wellness expo, service provider event, member event, post-conference event and combined Year-End and AGM.

André Cloete Chapter Chairperson 0824125159
Poppie Baloyi Chapter Vice-Chairperson 0828833613
Lindiwe Shayi Finance 0829795647
Priscilla Everson Governance 0824683931
Virginia Khumalo Membership & Chapter Development 0789882612
Nevania Naidoo Stakeholder Management 0734230196
Marcy Foster Marketing & Events Management 0837049412
Geraldine du Plooy Education & Research 0790355283


EAPA Egoli Chapter Dates for 2019 (Proposed dates)

The following dates have been scheduled for the EAPA Egoli Chapter Events for 2019:

                Date                       Event

  • 5 February              Egoli Steering Committee Planning Meeting
  • 21 February            Mini-Wellness Expo
  • 4 April                       Disaster Management Project meeting
  • 4 April                       Egoli Steering Committee Planning Meeting
  • 7 May                        Egoli Steering Committee Planning Meeting
  • 16 May                     Service Provider Breakfast
  • 10 July                      Egoli Steering Committee Planning Meeting
  • 25 July                      Mini-Conference/Seminar
  • 30 July                      Gala dinner (Date is still be ratified)
  • 2 October                Egoli Steering Committee Planning Meeting
  • 12 October             Sport/Fun Day
  • 5 November           Egoli Steering Committee Planning Meeting
  • 14 November         AGM & Closing event (Outdoor event)


Please diarise these dates.  An invitation will be forwarded to you via the EAPA Egoli mailing list.

Kindly ensure that your latest e-mail address is registered on the EAPA Egoli mailing list.  Should you want your e-mail address to be included in the EAPA Egoli mailing list you can forward your contact details to Thabelo Manebaneba (Membership and Chapter Development Portfolio) at

Best regards,

André Cloete
EAPA Egoli Chapter
Chapter Chairperson


EAPA Egoli Chapter Dates for 2018

22 February 2018 Mini-wellness Expo
24 May 2018 Member event
26 July 2018 Service provider breakfast
27 September 2018 Post-conference session
22 November 2018 AGM & Year End

The Egoli Chapter identified the Look Forward Creativity Centre as their Corporate Social Investment project in 2017. The Chapter has met with the management committee of the Centre and a plan of action is being developed to identify how the Chapter and other involved stakeholders can provide support to the Centre. Should any interested party want to make a donation or sponsorship to the Look Forward Creativity Centre they are welcome to contact the Egoli Chapter Chairperson, André Cloete, at 0824125159.

EAPA-SA Egoli 2018 Photos