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Steps to Attend Eduweek 2024

Step 1: Register

Request a quote by completing the online form.

Step 2: Quote

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Step 3: Approval

Send us approval on the quote via a signed Purchase Order or request an invoice before 01 September 2024 to secure your booking.

Step 4: Payment

Make full payment on the invoice and send proof of payment to

Important Note on Invoices:

  • Once you request an invoice, EAPA-SA will make a booking at the venue on your behalf and you are liable for payment in full on that invoice before 01 September 2024.
  • Your booking will be confirmed once you send an official, signed purchase order or pay in full and send proof of payment to
  • Combining Quotes and Invoices: If you are part of a group from the same Department or Company that would like to attend, please register each individual one by one. Then send the organisers a request via email to to combine your invoice or quote, along with the list of the names in your group.
  • Splitting Invoices: If your invoice is going to be paid from two or more different budgets (example: a training budget and a travel budget) please advise this when you register so that we can create two invoices for you

In the ever-evolving landscape of the modern workplace, the South African Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA-SA) proudly presents this year’s Eduweek conference theme: “ThriveForward: Cultivating Resilience and Wellness in the Modern Workplace.” This theme encapsulates our collective aspiration to foster environments where employees not only survive but flourish amidst challenges, transforming adversity into strength and growth.

The past few years have spotlighted the indispensable role of resilience and wellness within our professional and personal lives. As we navigate the complexities of the post-pandemic world, it becomes imperative to address the multifaceted dimensions of well-being in the workplace. “ThriveForward” is a call to action—a commitment to advance beyond traditional support frameworks towards a more holistic, proactive approach in nurturing the mental, emotional, and physical health of our workforce.

“ThriveForward” embodies the essence of transformation and progress. It acknowledges the challenges we face yet focuses on the opportunities they present for growth and improvement. By embracing this theme, we aim to equip EA professionals, leaders, and organisations with the insights and tools necessary to build resilient, healthy workplaces that not only withstand the tests of time but also emerge stronger and more vibrant.


In Person Event Programme



Monday 16 September Masterclass Workshops from 10am to 5:30pm Dinner at your leisure
Tuesday 17 September Plenary speaker sessions from 9am to 5pm Dinner at your leisure
Wednesday 18 September Plenary speaker sessions from 9am to 5pm Dinner at your leisure
Thursday 19 September Plenary speaker sessions from 9am to 4pm Presidential Awards Dinner







The EAPA-SA Eduweek is the largest annual gathering of EAP professionals in South Africa – the only event of its kind, attended by EAP and HR professionals from across Africa, Europe and the Americas. Eduweek endeavours to provide up to date information and thinking while offering a platform that fosters interactive communication around industry-related topics. This 4-day event takes place in an exciting venue each year. The event focuses on education, networking and peer engagement, and industry awards and recognition. EAPA-SA’s commitment to creating positive change through education and training is communicated in the event name.


Join the South African Employee Assistance community at the EAPA-SA’s annual Eduweek 2024. Knowledgeable contributors will be bringing us new thinking on long-standing EAP issues as well as sharing new trends and innovative ways to Thrive Forward in Cultivating Resilience in the modern workplace. 


The EAPA-SA Eduweek provides a platform to learn from experts in the field as well as keeping abreast with the latest developments in the field. It carries a maximum of 16 continuous professional development (CPD) points which are mandatory to professionals in the field of employee health and wellness.

The benefits of attendance and participation can be summarised as follows:

To receive training aligned to the identified skills as reflected in the employee’s personal development plan.

For Employee Wellness this is the only association that exists in SA for professionals to be trained on recent developments.

To obtain the continuous professional development (CPD) points which are required by the relevant professional statutory body as a mandatory requirement.

Eduweek brings together professionals, service providers and industry experts, showcasing the latest resources in the EA industry as well as providing opportunities to network with peers and industry leaders.

The Association Annual General Meeting (AGM) takes place during Eduweek, thereby allowing members to actively contribute to governance and the strategic direction of Employee Wellness in South Africa.

When completing your registration you may opt in to apply and pay for a one-year membership or membership renewal with the Association. The membership fees are necessary to ensure the highest level of practice. The programme content of Eduweek is quality assured by topmost EAP specialists in South Africa to ensure optimal learning.



Eduweek caters to CEOs, HR Directors, Wellness Practitioners, Occupational Health & Safety, Clinical Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Labour Relations, Transformation Specialists, Organisational Development Managers and HIV & Aids Coordinators.

We will host our Eduweek 2024 at
Emperors Palace


Welcome to Emperors Palace!

Situated next to OR Tambo International airport, Emperors Palace is home to where royalty rest their heads and fortune favours the brave. Offering decadent accommodation in four unique hotels, a glorious health and beauty spa, a magnificent casino with unparalleled gaming enjoyment, the finest dining options, spectacular entertainment choices, world class conference facilities, and impeccable service, this is YOUR Empire to discover.

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Radhi Vandayar


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Dr Marion Borcherds


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Thiloshni Govender

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