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Prema Naidoo

Prema Naidoo

Chapter Chairperson: Western Cape

Chapter Location: Cape Town

Contact details

Email: westerncape@eapasa.co.za

Cell: 083 799 5878




Prema Naidoo hails from a very devoted-to-community family and was actively involved from a young
age in volunteer work. She was a scholar in East London and was inspired to pursue a career in
Psychology as she followed a path in what she refers to as “her calling”. She obtained her graduate and
post-graduate qualifications at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in 2009 and 2010. Following
the recommendation of her mentor, she achieved in a specialization programme having completed her
board exam in Trauma Counselling at UNISA in 2011. This propelled her to register with the Health
Professions Council of South Africa. One of her career highlights was her first working experience as a
Trauma Counsellor at iThuthuzela Care Clinic in Zwide, Port Elizabeth. She relocated to East London
where she opened private practice in 2012 until 2019. Prema worked with a wide array of institutions
within the helping profession; universities, clinics, hospitals, motor vehicle and rail industry, NGO’s as
well as NPO’s. This included assisting in the relaunch of EAPA-SA Ikhala Chapter in 2012, where she was
elected as an executive member. The people she met inspired her to carve her niche in the field of
Employee Wellness, where she was employed at PRASA Rail Eastern Cape as an Employee Wellness
Manager in November 2019. Prema later transferred within PRASA to Western Cape in September
2023, where she also joined the Western Cape chapter and was elected Chairperson.
Prema describes herself as a passionate South African helping professional. She believes there are two
important days in one’s life. The first is the day you were born and the second is when you find out why.
She further believes that she is fortunate to have found her purpose that has shaped her into who she is
today. Her motto she lives by is “together we can achieve” and believes that in the working
environment one should always “try it”.

Committee Portfolios:
– Chairperson: Prema Naidoo
– Vice-Chairperson: Rozelda Elliot
– Finance: Patrick Egan
– Education and events: Chanville Esterhuizen
– Marketing and media: Blanche Claasen-Hoskins
– Membership: Michelle Buis

  1. Growing Membership
  2. Increasing the value of EAPASA membership


Past Events

May 15th 2024 - Western Cape Chapter Session Recap: “Silence is Golden”

EAPA-SA Western Cape Chapter Session Recap: “Silence is Golden”

On May 15, 2024, the executive board members of EAPA-SA Western Cape hosted an enriching chapter session, delving into the intriguing topic of “Silence is Golden”
To honour Mother’s Day, our executive board arranged for a talented, Mr August West saxophonist, to serenade us with heartfelt melodies, adding a touch of warmth and appreciation to the event. The soothing tunes were met with great applause, dance and gratitude from all in attendance.

The session commenced with an engaging online panel discussion led by EAPA-SA Board members and Service Providers. This panel explored the crucial aspects of confidentiality and its alignment with EAPA-SA Standards and Ethics, providing valuable insights for professionals in the field.

The main presentation of the day, titled “The N-Word: How to Cope with a Narcissistic Colleague in the Working Environment” was expertly delivered by Dr. R. Scherrer from JVR. Attendees gained valuable strategies for navigating challenging workplace dynamics and fostering healthier relationships in professional settings. Attendees were rewarded with 3 CPD points for their participation, recognising their commitment to continuous professional development.
The session took place at the prestigious venue of Old Mutual, located in Pinelands, Cape Town, providing a conducive environment for learning and networking. In alignment with EAPA-SA Western Cape’s commitment to social responsibility, and in partnership with Old Mutual, attendees were encouraged to contribute to our identified CSI project by bringing a pack of sanitary towels to the session. This collective effort to support the community reflects the ethos of compassion and
solidarity that defines our chapter.

Overall, the chapter session proved to be an enriching experience, offering valuable insights, training, networking opportunities, and a moment of musical delight. EAPA-SA Western Cape extends its gratitude to all attendees, presenters, and partners for their contributions to the success of the event. Stay tuned for updates on future chapter sessions and initiatives as we continue our journey of professional growth and social impact.

EAPA-SA Western Cape Chapter Stakeholders Meeting

EAPA-SA Western Cape Chapter Engages with Key Stakeholders for a Productive Morning of Collaboration!

EAPA-SA Western Cape Chapter recently hosted an invigorating Breakfast Engagement session at the prestigious Protea Fire and Ice Hotel in Cape Town, and it was a resounding success! 

 Our esteemed stakeholders, including representatives from Metropolitan Wellness, Old Mutual, Careworks, ICAS, Sanlam Sky, and iMAS, came together for a dynamic exchange of ideas and support. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm, passion, and a shared commitment to the chapter’s upcoming calendar events. 

At the heart of our initiatives lies the belief in holistic wellness and community support. We are thrilled to announce that our renowned breakfast engagement is made possible through the invaluable partnership of our dedicated stakeholders. The session was nothing short of inspiring, filled with enthusiasm, joint passion, and unwavering support for our chapter’s upcoming calendar events.

Stay tuned as we continue to create meaningful connections and foster a culture of well-being in the Western Cape community! 

Embrace the power of collaboration with EAPA-SA Western Cape Chapter. Together, we can make a difference!