Andiswa Lefakane

Andiswa Lefakane is a qualified Social Worker, HR Practitioner and a Coach with a Masters in SWK (Employee Assistance Programme). She is the Founder and CEO of Zadok Global Institute of Standards an organisation that focuses on Performance Standard Coaching in order to create Standards Consciousness in people. She previously fulfilled the role of a Chairperson for the Egoli Branch of EAPA-SA (an association for Employee Assistance Practitioners) and was a board member thereof. She was an executive Director and a shareholder at People’s Health Providers a primary healthcare and employee wellness organisation. Andiswa is a firm believer that every individual deserves to have an opportunity to a healthcare system of a certain quality and a standard and every employee must be treated with dignity and respect. This is a dream that she is pursuing through a newly established vision called Mohau Health and Wellness Solutions. As a Social Worker, Andiswa has also worked for organisations such as Kwa Ndebele government and NICRO, she then acquired an HR qualification with the Institute of Personnel Management which diverted her career into the HR field. As an HR practitioner she has worked for organisations such as Unilever, New Age Beverages Pepsi, Mnet and SA Express Airways. She left formal employment in 2015 as a Manager for EAP, Change Management and Organisational Culture at Transnet. She is also a qualified coach. Andiswa is married with 3 children and prefers to spend quality time cooking for the family, jogging and reading. She is also a staunch Christian who enjoys doing motivational talks to women groups and on radio. She has worked with SABC – Motsweding FM, Rainbow FM and Radio Pulpit for the past 15 years.

Portfolio Responsibilities:

  • Prioritise Chapters in need.
  • Chapter executive training
  • Create new chapters
  • Ensure that the Chapters comply with EAPA-SA Constitution, Standards and Governance provisions through training
  • Ensure section 21 and finance compliance.
  • Assist Chapters to align with the overall EAPA-SA strategy
  • To increase the membership base of EAPA-SA.
  • Ensure that Chapters set and adhere to membership targets

Portfolio Goals:

  • Strategically empower the Chapters to assume and fully execute roles and functions.
  • Manage membership and assist with designations

Contact details:

Phone: 083 579 1192