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Mr. Pogiso Mosadi

Mr P.M. Mosadi is a behaviourist whose passion is to see people see the power of positive behaviour change. His educational background in education, psychology, general management, organisational behaviour, change management, organisational development, Strategic human resource management and theology equips him to participate effectively in the practice of individual and organisational wellness.

He has been involved in the Employee Health and Wellness space since 2004 participating in processes of the mainstreaming of HIV and AIDS in the workplace and has ever since 2008 participated in the implementation of the Employee Health and Wellness Strategic Framework to date. Participation in the process provided him with the opportunity to acquire skills in programme and project design, implementation, monitoring, research, governance, policy development, facilitating education and awareness projects, counselling and motivation. He had been involved in the Platinum Chapter of EAPA-SA as part of the Leadership Team that ensures the growth and development of practitioners and the chapter in the North West Province since 2016.
Here are some of the skills Pogiso can offer to EAPA-SA

  • Governance
  • Organisation
  • Leadership
  • Training and development
  • Theory interpretation
  • Practice and research

Portfolio Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate the development, review, implementation and compliance with EAPA-SA’s, Bylaws, Constitution, Professional Code of Ethics and Standards.

Portfolio Goal: 

  • To ensure that EAPA-SA’s systems and processes are ethical, transparent and accountable to constituency.

Contact Details:

Phone: 082 329 4205