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André Cloete

André is an experienced EAP specialist and a paid-up EAPA-SA member. He brings vast EAP service provider experience to the EAPA-SA Board. Having served in the EAP industry for more than twenty years, he is eager to share his problem-solving and creative skills with the board, as well as mentor new and existing members within the association. André values the work of EAPA-SA and believes that through the professionalisation of our association, we can provide necessary guidance to both individual and service provider members. The association’s history and achievements demonstrate its significant role within the EAP industry. This vision should be carried forward and expanded by increasing the membership base and marketing the EAP industry to formal workplaces within South Africa and the professionals supporting these industries.

Finance Strategy

  • Adopt an income-generating consciousness in all four pillars.
  • Chapters: Develop an operations plan, including four chapter events per annum, each with a sponsor.
  • Quantify and standardise the cost per event.
  • Stakeholder Portfolio: Negotiate with sponsors at the national level and with chapter chairpersons at the chapter level.
  • Implement one standard way to incentivise the chapter committee, e.g., Airtime for the four events.
  • Chapters to identify a meeting venue for the year.
  • One board-funded event for a chapter, e.g., the 2018 book launch.


  • Identify the biggest cost drivers and find smart solutions to channel money towards member development and growth activities.
  • Identify cost savers and embed smart solutions, e.g., technology usage in business processes (such as SACCSP comms letter, events, Skype for board meetings).
  • Provide financial training for the board, as they are also members.


  • Reduces costs.
  • Improves planning and efficiency.
  • Simplifies reporting and enables monitoring and evaluation.
  • Offers a simpler way of running the association with volunteer resources.
  • Assists with committee member sustainability.
  • Improves member retention.
  • Generates more revenue to implement business processes.
  • Simplifies financial management.

Contact Details:

Phone: 082 412 5159