Tips for EAP Practitioners on Grief | EAPA-SA

For managers, one of the most difficult situations in the workplace is managing the aftermath of the death of an employee.  A critical incident of this nature is typically traumatic for co-workers of the deceased employee and it is recommended that an Employee Assistance Program is put in place to assist grieving employees.  Research shows that early intervention with the affected work group – instituted within 24 to 72 hours after news of a death has been received reduces the stressful impact of this tragedy. EAP managers play an important role in workplace healing.

The Role of the EAP Manager

  • Grief is an important and necessary process for your impacted employees, remember recovery takes time and your work force may not just bounce back in a couple of days.
  • Grief work is hard work and your job as an EAP manager is not to manage the grief but to create an environment where work can progress as your employees move through the grief process.
  • Your caring support and professionalism will set an example and is one of the most encouraging elements to beginning the healing process for your work force.
  • Taking care of yourself as an individual and getting guidance and support in your managerial role through this difficult time is very important.


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