Service Provider Membership Renewal

Renewal of Registration for 2017

Dear Service Providers,

Thank you for your continued support for the Employee Assistance Professionals Association of South Africa (EAPA-SA).

EAPA-SA has continued to grow in 2016 and the number of service providers registered with the Board has doubled.

Registration for 2017 has opened. The registration fee for 2017 is R 2000. 00. Service Providers are expected to renew their membership before the end of January 2017. A register of approved and de-registered service providers will be placed on the EAPA-SA web page in February. Those Service Providers who do not renew their registration by 31 January 2017 will be deregistered and will incur a restoration fee (R 500.00) should they desire to be restored to the register. Please attach a copy of your company logo for the EAPA-SA web page.

Service Providers are expected to utilise the form attached for renewal of membership. Please also attach proof of payment and a valid tax clearance certificate. If Service Providers had provided supporting documents on initial registration; do not resend them unless they have changed. It should also be noted that a register of all current service providers will be placed on the EAPA- SA web page. Service providers are expected to keep their membership current.

Should there be a need to request additional documentation, you will be contacted by the administrator Janine Naidoo.


Tinyiko Chabalala, EAPA-SA President
Dr. Pravesh Bhoodram, EAPA-SA Membership

Closing Date for Renewals