EAP Related Service Providers

Below is a list of EAP Related Service Providers who are registered members with EAPA-SA
With a wealth of experience in facilitated financial wellness training, skills development and retirement education nationally, using our acclaimed programmes and tools, GSL offers training courses to assist employers in gaining greater success in the workplace by creating financially savvy employees.  Our training methodology is rooted in behaviour modification through best practice methodologies.

Phone: (+27) 11 326 6967

E-mail: info@gsl-bcg.com

Website: http://www.gsl-bcg.com



Workplace stress costs South African employers more than R40billion a year in work related stress , major depression burn out and anxiety disorders. This results in absenteeism and reduced productivity. Workplace stress is the leading cause of absenteeism and low productivity in South Africa. Employees who suffer from occupational stress tend to take days off more frequently and develop negative work behaviours and unpleasant attitude. In order to make employees happier and more satisfied, stress management programs must be implemented. Body Avenue Wellness provides the perfect, holistic solution.

Phone:  (076) 130-0968

E-mail: info@bodyavenue.co.za

Website: http://www.bodyavenue.co.za