Awards Nomination 2022

 Join us in celebrating the contributions and achievements of the people who help make workplaces a better place.

Please note that both the nominee and nominator must be up to date with their EAPA-SA membership for 2022
and the form must be signed by both the nominee and nominator.

The nomination must then be endorsed by the Chapter Chairperson or Deputy Chapter Chairperson of whom the nominee is a registered paid-up member.

All completed nomination forms are to be sent to  on or before the 14th of August 2022.

The awards ceremony will take place on the 8th of September 2022.


The theme for the Eduweek 2022 Presidential Awards dinner is Africa Awakens. 

Africa’s history and its diverse cultures are so rich and plentiful that they differ, not only from one country to another,
but also from region to region in countries such as South Africa.

As such, this diversity of cultures, languages, and traditions should not be seen as an obstacle. Rather,
we join together to celebrate the beautiful and extraordinary tapestry our diverse cultures weave.

At Eduweek 2022, we come together to celebrate a new beginning, embracing our diversity,
yet united as Africa awakens – stepping out of survival mode, putting the long period of Covid-distress behind us.