EAP Service Providers


Below is a list of Service Providers who are registered members with EAPA-SA

ICAS Southern Africa

About: ICAS Southern Africa is part of ICAS International (Independent Counselling and Advisory Services, a division of AXA PPP) the world’s leading provider of behavioural risk management services to the business community. Since its local launch in 1998, ICAS has established itself as the country’s foremost specialist in the provision of behavioural risk management and employee wellbeing programmes, contributing to the health and performance of employees and organisations in all sectors of the economy. Driven by a commitment to achieving results for clients, ICAS is the industry’s clear leader in terms of innovation in design, quality standards and its focus on return on investment measurement. The ICAS brand is a sign of depth, quality and value developed close to twenty years of service excellence in organisations across all sectors of the local economy.

ICAS currently employs around 260 permanent staff members, over 880 practitioners and provides integrated health and wellness services to a large client base. We have experienced staff from multidisciplinary backgrounds providing excellent service delivery. All psychologists, social workers and LifeManagement™ consultants are registered with the relevant boards. ICAS boasts a national footprint with its Head Office in Gauteng, and regional offices in Kwa-Zulu Natal, Eastern Cape and Western Cape.

Tel: (011) 380-6800

Email: info@icas.co.za

Website: http://www.icas.co.za

Healthi Choices

About: Healthi Choices partners with affinity, health and corporate groups, who wish to include wellbeing into their service offerings. It acts as a behaviour change catalyst, assisting them to engage, enable and encourage their members or employees to be their best. It does so by providing turnkey solutions including a comprehensive range of wellbeing services and a large infrastructure consisting of online, call centre and extended network capacity.

Tel: (087) 365-8887

Email: info@healthichoices.com

Website: http://www.healthichoices.com

Universal Healthcare

About: We share your passion for the well-being of your staff. Our Employee Wellness Programme (EWP) offers professional and confidential EWP services geared towards addressing personal or work-related issues affecting the well-being and performance of employees. We emphasise the importance of adopting a proactive approach to building awareness and promoting healthy lifestyles amongst employees.

Tel:  (011) 208-1000

Email: corporatehealth@universal.co.za

Website: http://www.universal.co.za/ewp

Workforce Healthcare (Pty) Ltd

About: Workforce Healthcare is a specialist health and wellness company whose expertise lies in the management and coordination of healthcare professionals and the development of comprehensive, tailor-made wellness solutions with the understanding that each and every organization differs greatly.With our vast national network of healthcare professionals, we are able to provide a wide range of fully integrated employee wellness and assistance programmes as well as Occupational and Primary healthcare services at any time and at any location.We have access to approximately one hundred and twenty five (125) branches across the country making us available in all nine (9) provinces.

Tel: (011) 532-0200

Email: robf@workforcehealthcare.co.za

Website: http://www.workforcehealthcare.co.za

Mazasa Management Consulting

About: We are providers of Employee Assistance Wellness Programs that include: Individual and Group counselling for all employees and their families (trauma, grief and bereavement, marriage and relationships, anxiety and mental illness, depression), 24hr counselling toll free line, Debt Management, psychological assessment for rehabilitation, analysis of behavioural trends.

Tel: (039) 737-3038

Email: info@mazasa.co.za

Website: http://www.mazasa.co.za

NBC Holdings (Pty) Ltd

About: NBC leads in people benefits in Africa. In providing health and wellness assistance to employers, we deliver a range of services, which include: 24/7 health line, manned by experienced staff; EAP and professional counselling; Health risk assessments and executive care;Absenteeism and incapacity;Occupational health; Absenteeism and incapacity; Human resources and managerial support; Organizational Change and Restructuring; Wellness Days; Personal Financial Planning; Investment Consulting; Actuarial Services and workplace sports and recreation services.

Tel: (010) 206-0795

Email: wellness@nbc.co.za

Website: http://www.nbc.co.za

Careways Wellness (Pty) Ltd

About: Life EHS delivered by Careways Wellness and Life Occupational Health provides flexible, customer-oriented employee health solutions that meet employers’ needs in small, medium, large, single-site and national businesses. Life EHS offers holistic outsourced employee health and wellness services that perfectly align occupational health with employee wellness. This fully incorporated service manages employee health and wellness through standardised quality systems, occupational health services, wellness interventions, health education and clinical protocols.

Tel: (086) 123-4123

Email: info@carewaysgroup.com

Website: http://www.employeehealthsolutions.co.za

Umvoti Wellness

About: Umvoti Wellness is an authentically local, 100% Black women-owned, managed and operated business, providing EAP Services since 2007. We have become a trusted strategic partner and management consultants specialising in the design, alignment and audit of Employee Assistance Programme and Psychological Health and Safety Strategies. We bring diversity and inclusion into EAP Programming through our Diversity and Inclusion Framework. The framework is applied to programming, auditing and evaluation of the EAP.

Tel: (082) 081-7308

Email: vicky@umvotiwellness.com

Website: http://www.umvotiwellness.com

Calibre Clinical Consultants (Pty) Ltd

About: Nationally and internationally, our confidential networks of EAP professionals and medical professionals provide accessible, culturally and linguistically agile services. In over a decade of supporting numerous sectors of industry in 12 countries across Africa and Papua New Guinea; Calibre has utilised the concept “Eight Dimensions of Life”, facilitating all elements of wellbeing into one holistic programme of- training, primary care, disease prevention, health risk management, lifestyle interventions and psychosocial support.

Tel: (011) 952-4300

Email: andrep@calibre.co.za

Website: http://www.calibre.co.za

Olwazini Consulting Services

About: Olwazini Consulting, a Level 1 BBBEE, black female owned consultancy is a one-stop Human Capital & Business Consulting company, base in Johannesburg South Africa and operates in all the 9 provinces. We are an organisational effectiveness consultancy, we tailor make business improvement solutions by aligning employee wellness, your business processes and HR interventions to help drive your strategy implementation and impact on the sustainability of your business, using our uniquely designed ROI measurement tool We are very passionate about Organisational Effectiveness (OE) and pride ourselves. 

Tel: (011) 042-6219

Email: admin@olwaziniconsulting.co.za

Website: http://www.olwaziniconsulting.co.za

Business DYnamics Consultants

About: We survey organisational climate together with employee wellness and resilience, to provide management information regarding employee satisfaction, (and) the state of the organisation, in order to address concerns, such as the total amount of income lost on a monthly basis, due to dissatisfaction in the work place, as well as facilitate mergers and organisational and personal development interventions. Our assessments and counselling skills allows for constructive development of organisations into more efficient functioning units, and provides clear direction for development initiatives in the future.

Tel: (012) 111-1657

Email: mail@businessdc.co.za

Website: http://www.businessdc.co.za

LifeAssist (Pty) Ltd

About: LifeAssist provides innovative employee wellbeing and health risk management solutions, in partnership with our clients. We have a passion for cultivating robust, sustainable and caring organisations, families and communities. Our solution-focused approach enables people to be resourceful, resilient and accountable for their personal and professional wellbeing so that they can contribute to the effectiveness of the organisation.

Tel: (011) 912-1000

Email: info@lifeassist.co.za

Website: http://www.lifeassist.co.za

Endlesslife Services – Health and Social Care (Pty) Ltd

About: EndlessLife Services is a premier provider of Home-Based Health and Social Care Services in South Africa. Our key focus is on providing health, social and childcare services “Fit for Royalty” whilst “keeping families together”. We provide a broad range of services for client who need basic primary health services in the comfort of their home and those who are convalescing from a surgery or illness, or who need to adapt to a health condition at home. Services include active patient care coordination, management of hospital to home patient transition and provision of Employee Wellness Workplace Solutions

Tel: (011) 454-1393

Email: admin@endlesslife.co.za

Website: http://www.endlesslife.co.za

Work Dynamics

About: Consulting Organisational Psychologists specialising in Organisational Development, Performance Management, Recruitment and Remuneration

Tel: (041) 581-0150

Email: tarina@workdynamics.co.za

Website: http://www.workdynamics.co.za/

Nobonga Health Promotions

About: Nobonga Health Promotion is a black-owned organisation founded in 2005 and converted to a( PTY)LTD in 2013 Nobonga Health consist of a number of healthcare professionals with extensive experience in Wellness Programmes, HIV/AIDS education, training, counselling Occupational Health and project management One of Nobonga Health Promotion’s main objectives is to promote health, wellness and counselling in the workplace. Services: • Employee Wellness Services involving the following • Wellness Strategy development • Medical screening Tests, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Diabetes HIV/TB, BMI • HCT • O

Tel: (082) 377-1637

Email: mollita@telkomsa.net

Mbono Corporate Wellness

About: Mbono Corporate Wellness (MCW) offers innovative Corporate Wellness Solutions guaranteed to reduce employee absenteeism & presenteeism while improving staff morale and performance. All our essentials services are custom tailored & affordable. MCW offers services such as: Health Risk Assessments (HRA), Stressmaster, Biometrics, Psychometric Screenings, & Physical Fitness Programs. MCW builds loyalty & engagement through employee-cantered wellness platforms & tools that start with healthy behaviour changes & expand to total quality of life. Our solution to Wellness is not an expense, it’s an investment!

Tel: (031) 072-0778

Email: nokuthula@mbonocorpwell.co.za

Website: http://www.mbonocorpwell.co.za

Dalitso Holdings

About: Dalitso Consulting is 100% black female owned with a BBBEE rating of Level 1. The organisation was established in 2005 and is now a well-recognised player in the business consulting and advisory services field. Services we provide: • Strategy, OD and Change Management • HR Outsourcing and consulting • Recruitment and selection • Psychometric Assessments • Training and Development • Employee wellness • Labour Relations


Tel: (012) 753-2425

Email: hr@dalitso.co.za

Website: http://www.dalitso.co.za

Khiniza and Partners (Pty) Ltd

About:Khiniza and Partners is a registered Employee Health and Wellness service provider which was founded in 2017 and currently based in Pretoria. We are 100% black male owned with a BBBEE rating Level 1. Our Employee Wellness Program provides a professional and an integrated EHWP services that aimed to promote and enhance work performance among employees in the organisations. Our services includes but not limited to: One on one individual counselling, assisting in dealing with stress and pressure in a busy working environment, assist with family counselling and mplementing the EHWP and HIV/AIDS policies.

Tel: (078) 555-7602

Email: khinizaandpartners@gmail.com

Contact Person for our Admin Office

Name: Ntuthuko Delight Ngcece
Phone: (078) 555-7602
Email: ntuthukongcece@gmail.com

Akhanani Skills Development

About: Akhanani Skills Development is a Level 1 BBBEE woman owned company offering: HIV/AIDS Workplace Program: Workplace HIV Policy Development, HIV Counselling and Testing, Adherence Support and On-going Counselling, HIV Trainings. Physical Wellness: Health Screening: Hypertension, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Weight & BMI, CVD Risk Assessment General Health, Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle, Wellness Days Psychosocial Wellness: Motivational Talks, Individual/Group Counselling & Coaching, Trauma debriefing, Workshops on Fatigue/Stress/ Conflict/Time Management, Financial Wellness, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership.

Tel: (043) 721-0691

Email: info@akhananiskills.co.za

Website: http://www.akhananiskills.co.za

Zet Healthlink CC

About: Zet Healthlink is a company specialising in wellness day services including travel nurse services.

Tel: (011) 024-1147

Email: info@zethealthlink.co.za

Website: http://www.zethealthlink.co.za

Phela Workforce Management Solutions (Pty) Ltd

About: Phela Workforce Management Solutions (Pty) Ltd offers comprehensive Wellness and Leadership Programmes. The Employee Wellness Programme provides employees and managers with access to counselling, coaching and wellness services to help them manage personal concerns that impact their wellbeing, productivity and performance at work, enabling a healthier workplace with reduced absenteeism and improved productivity. Phela engages highly trained professionals to deliver its Wellness services.

Tel: (010) 822-8546

Email: info@phelawellness.co.za

Website: http://www.phelawellness.co.za

Corphealth Pty LTD

About: Corphealth Pty Ltd provides emplyee services on a large scale, our main focus how ever is the purpose of employees in the workplace, how they operate, what effects them and what can aid them to be more productive in the work space, with the a professional and registered team we are able to provide these services to employees and help them become as productive as possible.

Tel: (082) 552-4447

Email: info@corp-health.co.za

Website: http://www.corp-health.co.za

Yononkosi Consulting Projects

About: Rendering Employee Health and Wellness programmes(EAP) Independent and Advisory service provider. Help and support employees to become productive. Benefit employees with personal and emotional issues. Provide EAP services such as Counselling(Telephonical& face to face. Life management services(Legal, Financial,Family care Management support(Management consultancy,Formal referral and assisted referal. It providesOn site trauma debriefing and off site trauma debriefing. Stress management. Anger mangement. Substancence abuse. Health issues. Bereavement and other work related concerns.

Tel: (082) 664-2131

Email: fikile.dlamini16@gmail.com

Website: http://www.ycp.co.za

Amanzi Okuphumula Pty Ltd

About: Amanzi Okuphumula Pty Ltd is a Durban based Employee Wellness company which operates in all 9 Provinces. We are Level 1 BBBEE, black female owned entity. Our services includes 24 hr counselling helpline, Individual and Group counselling, onsite trauma debriefing, absenteeism and incapacity management, Life management services (Legal, Financial, Family care) Occupational health, medical surveillance, training on stress management substance abuse, HIV/AIDS and other wellness topics

Tel: (064) 519-5375

Email: zhlangu@amanziokuphumula.co.za

Website: http://www.amanziokuphumula.co.za

Mpilonhle Wellness and Brokers (Pty) Ltd

About: Mpilonhle wellness and Brokers offers corporate wellness days and health promotion talks to medical aid schemes, companies, departments and communities in the South African footprint. Our health screening services include preventable lifestyle health risks such as obesity, sedentary, high cholesterol, stress, high blood pressure, glucose, HbA1c, Full lipids, HIV counselling and testing etc. please visit our website on www.mpilonhle.co.za

Tel: (076) 819-8386

Email: mpilonhlewb@gmail.com

Website: http://www.mpilonhle.co.za

Metropolitan Health Corporate (Pty) Ltd

About: Metropolitan Health Corporate (MHC), a member of JSE-listed MMI Holdings, has been providing managed care services for almost 20 years. Innovative and robust technology, integrated health risk management and wellness, and an excellent team of passionate people combine successfully to bring to life our unique people- and client-centric formula. MHC touches the lives of almost 2 million people through various medical schemes and employer groups across South Africa. We have a holistic approach to Employee Wellness, offering integrated service capabilities to enhance workplace Employee Wellness services.

Tel: (021) 480-4511

Email: eap@metropolitanhrm.co.za

Website: http://www.mhg.co.za

Elim Clinic