Dr. Marion Borcherds

Dr. Marion Borcherds has worked within the field of Employee Assistance for the last 20 years in both a senior manager and executive position.
She is currently employed at Transnet as the Group Employee Wellness and Transformation Manager, managing the components of EAP, Absenteeism management, Medical schemes, Incapacity and disability management, the HIV/AIDS Workplace programme as well as the Transformation portfolio. She is a thought leader in the employee wellness space, having designed, implemented and managed EWP programmes for both government and para-statals over the years.
She has also worked in academia and private and her expertise in mental health and gender and reproductive health is worthy of noting. Dr. Borcherds is a regular speaker at local conferences on various Employee Wellness related topics. She has also has participated at a number of international conferences such as the international Nursing summit, the International Health conference and the International Employee Assistance conference at which she has delivered papers on Integration within employee wellness, the strategic positioning of Employee wellness within HR, EAP as a behavioural risk assessment tool as well the Management of violence in the workplace, amongst others.
Within South Africa she has plowed back to the EAP profession by being actively involved in the EAPA-Egoli Chapter both as a Committee member and as the Chairperson from 2010 to 2012.She has served two previous terms of office on the EAPA-SA Board and previously occupied the portfolio of “Education” which includes research and publications. Dr. Borcherds doctoral thesis was on the Management of Violence in the workplace and she has done extensive work on this topic, assisting with policy formulation and the protection of dignity and respect for employees.


  • Grow the database of Private Sector/ Government departments/ NGO’s in the field of EAP and Wellness
  • Develop the relationships between EAPA-SA as well as other key stakeholders in the field of EAP / Wellness and other fields
  • Maintain and establish new partnerships and collaborations
  • Attend project and stakeholders meetings
  • Marketing EAPA-SA services with stakeholders
  • Ensure increased sponsorships for EAPA-SA and Chapter activities

Portfolio Goal: 

  • To develop an effective Stakeholder Management processes.
  • Leverage stakeholder relationships and build coalitions that foster project success
  • Ensure Stakeholders get business value in partnering with EAPA-SA