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Bernedette Roberson

Mrs Roberson obtained her BA Social Work Honours degree and has 28 years’ experience as a social worker. She completed the UP Introductory Course to EAP and trained in Project Management, Trauma Debriefing, Mediation, Divorce Counselling, and HIV Programmes. She also managed Staff compliment and budgets and sourced funding for NPO projects.

She previously worked for Excelsior Service Centre for Aged, Provincial Administration of Orange Free State, Uitenhage Child and Family Welfare Society and PE Child and Family Welfare Society and specialised in Preventative and Statutory services.

Mrs Roberson also worked for PE Mental Health Society specialising in Community Development in rural areas of Eastern Cape and as a project manager for Protective Facilities for persons with Mental Disability. Later working for the Cancer Association of South Africa in Port Elizabeth, then as Regional Manager for Western Region and Family and Marriage South Africa in PE as Supervisor and co-ordinator of the Community Development and Gender/Domestic Violence Team.

She became involved in EAP Programmes while working for FAMSA and worked for OCSA where she managed and implemented the EAP services at the Goodyear Factory. Mrs Roberson then moved to Induscare as they took over the Goodyear contract and continue to manage and implement EAP services

Mrs Roberson was involved in the resurrection of the Nelson Mandela Bay Chapter in 2008 to 2009 and was Chapter Chairperson from 2010 to 2015. She received Board Member of the Year as well as Chapter of the Year in 2013.

She has been involved with EAPA-SA since 2010 and the Eduweek Organising Committee since 2012 and became Eduweek Portfolio Holder in 2015. She has since proceeded to manage successful Eduweeks at Lord Charles in 2016, Emperor’s Palace in 2017 and The Boardwalk in 2018.

Mrs Roberson is currently working in the Private sector and managing an EAP contract in Uitenhage.

She has actively been involved in the EAP field since 2004 where she fell in love with EAP. Mrs Roberson is also actively involved in both the local Chapter and the Board and brings with skills, knowledge, commitment and dedication. She is committed to furthering the field of EAP and previously voluntarily assisted the board for almost a year when they did not have a secretary or office manager and is fully aware of the time commitments required to serve on the board.

Portfolio Responsibilities:

  • Managing the Eduweek portfolio
  • As part of the Eduweek Organising Committee (COC) plan, implement and monitor the annual EAPA-SA Eduweek
  • Liase with EnOv8 to plan and implement the annual Eduweek.

Portfolio Goal: 

  • Consolidate and close of outstanding matters from the previous annual events
  • Plan the Eduweek
  • Manage the Eduweek and related activities

Contact Details:

Phone: 0835015212

Work: 041 9946639