Pravesh Bhoodram

Dr Pravesh Bhoodram is a pioneer in the EAP field in the Public Service in South Africa having assisted 23 National Departments in implementing EAP’s for the past 24 years. He has served as an EAPA SA Board member since 1998 in various capacities: president, conference convener, finance chairperson and strategic planner. He became the first South African to receive a Special Recognition Award from EAPA International (Vancouver 2001) for his contribution to the profession in South Africa. As the only President of EAPA SA serving two terms (2001 – 2003 and 2003 – 2005), Dr Bhoodram received a second International Award for contributing to the wellness field in South Africa by leading the most progressive Chapter among 23 countries. He has served on the International Work life Committee and was appointed on EAPA International Global task team in 2004. He was also the first EAPA-SA board Member to receive the Board Member of the year award (2 times) for consistent dedication to EAPA-SA. He is a standing member of the Ethics and standards committees and has led the project to acquire offices for EAPA-SA. He is the longest serving EAPA-SA Board member (1998 – present).


He has served two terms as a Community Representative on the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa where he has chaired the professional Board for Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Unani Tibb and Acupuncture. He was responsible for Strategic Planning for Council and chaired the Finance Committee. He is also a founder member of the HR Council of South Africa and served on the finance committee. Dr Bhoodram was a Board member of the Leisure and Recreation Association of South Africa and assisted in organizing the 2016 World Leisure and Recreation Conference in South Africa. As the Director of Sport and Recreation of the Department of Correctional Services, he has led the DCS team on several International competitions. DCS has returned form the most recent World Police and Fire Games event in Vancouver in 2009with 216 medals (86 Gold). 

Dr Bhoodram was headhunted to lecture on ethics at the Tshwane University of technology where he chaired the Advisory Council on curriculum development. He has also be invited as the Guest of Honour and honorary speaker during graduation ceremonies. He has been a member of the Institute of Independent Board of Directors of South Africa – representing EAPA-SA.

He will retire from DCS in 2020 as the National Director: Employee Wellness and is responsible for: Biokinetics and Gymnasiums, Sport and Recreation, HIV/Aids and the EAP.

Hobby or recreational activities

Dr Bhoodram is an avid artist having painted in oils, water colours, and acrylics. He is presently using mandala art as therapy, conducts art therapy workshops and spends some of his time doing angel readings. His facebook and Instagram (DrPravi) profiles depict some of his work. He is also a life coach and mentor to EAP’s. He hopes to continue working in the Wellness field through his company: CR8IV INFLUENCE.

Portfolio Responsibilities

  • Explore research potential amongst members
  • Identity potential research topics in the field
  • Promote a culture of research amongst EAPA-SA Board members and members.
  • Identify and network with potential researchers in the field in order to enhance research in the EAP field;
  • promote publications on subject matters
  • create opportunities for the promotion of education and training in the fields of EAP and wellness
  • network with editors of appropriate journals, both nationally and internationally
  • identify publishing opportunities
  • Marketing on website publications; and network with tertiary institutions to encourage researchers to actively get involved in Publications

Portfolio Goals:

  • Ensure organisational sustainability by ensuring that EAPA-SA is strategically positioned through the EAP for Africa project
  • Ensure documentation and publishing of the historical development of EAPs and EAPA-SA.
  • Develop effective stakeholder management processes statutory bodies across the EAP/ Wellness field
  • Revive links with Academic Institutions to ensure synergy in the EAP/ Wellness field

Contact details:

Phone: 082 885 7352