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Tinyiko Godfrey Chabalala

Tinyiko is the former President of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association of South Africa (EAPA-SA) for the period 2014-2018 term of office.
He has been an elected Board member since 2007 and served in various portfolios like Governance, Standards and Ethics, and Vice- President of the Association.
He has been instrumental in the development and revision of EAPA-SA Standards, Constitution, By-Laws and Code of Ethics.
He has been awarded Board member of the year 2010 for his outstanding contribution during his tenure.
He is the recipient of the World Best EAPA International Branch of the year 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA).
Tinyiko has completed his Masters in Social Science specialising in EAP from the University of Pretoria in 2004, Advanced Management Development Programme (AMDP) University of Pretoria, BA. (Hons) in Psychology from University of Johannesburg, then Vista University. Masterclass in Emotional Intelligence and Self-Mastery for Leadership with the University of Witwatersrand-Johannesburg.
He has 22 years working experience in the field of Wellness within the Public Sector.
He brought a wealth of experience in the EAP field which he gained as a consultant in the private sector, specialising on organisations team building and developments.
In his career he has achieved numerous awards in the Limpopo Provincial Administration for the outstanding work in the implementation of in-house Wellness Model during the following consecutive years 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.
As a Manager for Employee Health and Wellness Programme in the Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism- Limpopo Province he has contributed immensely towards the implementation of the Wellness services such as counselling, Trauma debriefing, physical wellness, massage therapy, fitness centers, spiritual wellness and work/life balance programmes.
He enjoys hiking, group camping, gym and participation in local politics to influence the development of communities.


  • Explore research potential amongst members.
  • Identity potential research topics in the field.
  • Promote a culture of research amongst EAPA-SA Board members and members.
  • Identify and network with potential researchers in the field in order to enhance research in the EAP field.
  • Promote publications on subject matters.
  • Create opportunities for the promotion of education and training in the fields of EAP and wellness.
  • Network with editors of appropriate journals, both nationally and internationally.
  • Identify publishing opportunities.
  • Marketing on website publications; and network with tertiary institutions to encourage researchers to actively get involved in Publications.
  • Coordinate the EAP for Africa project and promote the growth of EAPs in the African Region.
  • Liaise with EAP for Africa project members and ensure the coordination of common Agenda of raising awareness about EAP in Africa.
  • Coordinate stakeholders and forge partnership with business and partners with similar interests of developing EAPs in Africa.
  • Promote Exchange of knowledge and best practices by participating African countries through conferences, meetings and other platforms.


  • Ensure organisational sustainability by ensuring that EAPA-SA is strategically positioned through the EAP for Africa project
  • Ensure documentation and publishing of the historical development of EAPs and EAPA-SA.
  • Develop effective stakeholder management processes statutory bodies across the EAP/ Wellness field
  • Revive links with Academic Institutions to ensure synergy in the EAP/ Wellness field
  • Create an African EAP community in order to accelerate exchange of knowledge and best practices across Africa countries.


Cell: 082 330 3957